It’s Not About How Tall You Are, but HOW You Ride.

Being tall and having a long inseam makes it easier to ride a motorcycle, however, anyone under 5’8 can have issues when riding. It is important to remember that it’s not about how tall you are, but HOW you ride. At AMERiders, we understand how important riding is to our readers and want them to remember not to limit themselves to a motorcycle that matches their inseam. We ladies are often shorter than men and this can make it more difficult for us.

How to rideYou may never flat foot both feet on a motorcycle except maybe a dirtbike or some other short bike. But don’t let that stop you from riding what you want to ride! Keep riding, learning and growing from your motorcycle(s). We have compiled a list of tips to help our shorter brothers and sisters ride bigger and better bikes. This will take some time to learn and master, so please don’t hurry this process.

So, on to our tips for riding those awesome bigger and better bikes when you’re not on the tall side.

Tips for short riders:
  1. Start out Small (displacement) – practice on a smaller, lighter bike until you gain enough riding experience to manage these weights, heights and dimensions.
  2. Tall and Light beats Low and Heavy. IF your aspirations are to ride taller, heavier bikes. We recommend starting with something lighter and taller because it will force you to get used to something that you can’t flat foot.
  3. Braking. Perfect your braking skills! The better you brake the easier it’ll be to handle the 400lbs+beneath you. Also, get used to just using your left foot and keep that right foot on the rear brake.
  4. Boots. An investment in an excellent pair of riding boots will give you an edge. Having that Extra Traction is critically important.
  5. Don’t Lower Your Bike, Increase Your Height. With lift insoles like these from Kalevel, You can add 1-2 inches in the heel. So, when you put your foot down, most of it will be touching the ground. These inserts are made in both ladies and gents styles.
These lifts can help when you learn HOW to Ride when short
Kalevel Adjustable Breathable Lifts Shoe Pads

short riders 2As far as lowering a motorcycle, why keep limiting yourself to a low bike, how will you ever move up to something larger or different? Learn to ride a motorcycle that you think will fit you and your style, and always from a professional instructor for motorcycle riding. But also remember to make the commitment to learn, figure things out that work for you at your own pace, not someone else’s.

We also have a small list of bikes that will work for short riders, this list varies for different types of riders and their riding styles. Of course, this list can change and there are probably more out there but this is a great starting list. Remember how you ride is what is important not how short the bike is.

10 Bikes for short riders.
  1. Honda CTX700-  seat height only 28.3 inches from the ground
  2. Kawasaki Ninja 300- seat height only 30.9 inches from the ground
  3. Suzuki SFV650 – seat height only 30.9 inches from the ground
  4. Zero XU – seat height only 29.1 inches from the ground
  5. Star V Star 1300 Deluxe – seat height only 27.2 inches from the ground
  6. Triumph America – seat height only 29.1 inches from the ground
  7. Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo – seat height only 26.5 inches from the ground
  8. BMW G650 – seat height only 30.3 inches from the ground
  9. Honda Fury – seat height only 26.9 inches from the ground
  10. Ducati Monster 696 – seat height only 30.3 inches from the ground

Something you might want to also consider is that your controls and maybe other items can be adjusted to your height at your local dealership. So, whether you are looking for that sweet Harley-Davidson or something sportier there is a bike out there for you. You just need to look and try them on for size, but above all make sure you learn to ride what is comfortable for you.

Don’t forget as well that  June 20, 2016, National Ride to Work Day so hop on those motorcycles and ride.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

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AMERiders It’s Not About How Tall You Are, but HOW You Ride!

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