If This Storm BMW r9T Looks Like It’s About to Take Off Its Because It Will.

Amazing custom builds come from the most random places on Earth and the Storm is great proof of that. It is a modified BMW R nineT motorcycle that’s been turned into a retro-futuristic aircraft on two wheels. This bike looks like it is about to take off and we all know how AMERiders love fast bikes.

No, this is not a rendering, someone actually took the time to build this fully functional thing, and he did it without any planning and sketches to help him along the way. Although the current design of the bike bears no resemblance to the original, underneath all that aluminum body, lies a BMW R nineT motorcycle, which in itself has a custom bike feel. But the retro-looking roadster got the makeover of its life, a job that took its builder eight months to complete.

The stunning build is the brainchild of Wayne Builds, who owns a custom bike shop in South Africa. His magic garage is called FabMan Creations and it is the place where he makes everything from custom bikes to stainless steel exhaust systems, fenders, and custom aluminum motorcycle parts. He also offers welding repairs.

The Storm was ordered by a customer who brought in a BMW R nineT with low mileage and wanted something that’s aircraft-inspired. This gorgeous custom bike has a very aerodynamic design to it, looking like it’s just one button push away from taking off the ground.

Wayne Builds handcrafted the entire aluminum body himself, which is even more impressive given the fact that the guy taught himself how to shape metal. As he explained to BikeExif, he hammered the panels out on a tree stump.

The panels interlock with one another through small Allen head fasteners that look like the rivets on planes. The exhaust has been modified and now sits below the boxer engine and there’s no key ignition, with the Storm being fired up using a remote control. Wayne Builds also thought about keeping the bike cool under all that aluminum wrap, so those air scoops you see are not just for design.

You can take a better look at how this beauty looks and sounds in the video below.

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AMERiders loves fast bikes and the Storm BMW r9T Looks Like It is About to Take Off.

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