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It’s a well-documented fact that the GoT/ Aquaman star Jason Momoa loves choppers. Not just any chopper though, he is partial to Harley-Davidson Knuckleheads and Panheads. If he isn’t reviving an old Knucklehead which we will explain later, he’s cruising through the desert with California chopper cults Cycle Zombies or 4Q Conditioning. Despite his affinity for the brand, Momoa’s preference for clapped-out hogs does Harley’s current sales figures no favors. With the LiveWire struggling to find a foothold in the market, the Motor Company summoned the hip hunk to be a paid partner and back the new electric motorcycle. AMERiders takes a looks at this hotty and his motorcycles.

Momoa’s collaborations with Harley began in early 2019 when he paid a visit to the brand’s Milwaukee headquarters and museum. Prior to that visit, Harley gifted Momoa a Softail Slim in August 2017. Like any Hollywood star, he promptly defaced the free bike with black spray paint. More recently, Harley hauled a new LiveWire to Momoa’s Southern California residence so he could blast around Topanga Canyon and sing its praises.

Ever-honest, Momoa stated, “Harley wanted me to test ride one of the new LiveWires. I was like, ‘eh’”

In the promo video, Momoa zipped about the canyon roads in an outfit that would make any devout ATGATT follower scoff. Nothing says cool like minimal protection, right? After a montage of rolling beauty shots, Momoa tucked into the LiveWire’s cockpit and darted past camera with the high-pitched whine of the electric motor. 

“I like the idea of it, but uh, you know, I want to hear it,” recounted Momoa before admitting, “I’ve never been on something this fast.”

There are certainly scripted sections of the video with Momoa reciting lines like “it’s the future” and “you can have this and your old one”, but the testimonial piece seems like Momoa’s authentic take on the electric motorcycle

“I look forward to the future of many more of these bikes,” Momoa concluded. “It’s helping our planet and it’s beautiful and we’re moving with the times, so I’m stoked.”

Will Momoa’s cool guy image appeal to the practicality of electric riders/commuters? Does Harley think that Aquaman will convince other cool guys that it’s okay to swing a leg over an electric bike? Is Momoa even relevant to younger generations? Only time will truly answer those questions, but one thing’s certain, a test ride—and an unspecified amount of cash—made Jason Momoa consider adding a LiveWire to his stable of Knuckleheads and Panheads.

We said earlier that we were going to explain the ” reviving an old Knucklehead bit so here we go….

You thought you loved Jason Momoa before: all the while Aquaman, and recently no-longer Khal Drogo has made a short film about family and motorcycles. It is a wonderful tribute and speaks to so many of the same feelings we all have about our own motorcycles.

We all know that our bikes aren’t sentient, but somewhere in our hearts, sometimes we believe they have feelings. Momoa puts these feelings into beautiful words as he takes us along with him to relive his own life’s journey, recalling, as he put it, “Where the Wild Stomped In.”

This is his reference to the moment that sparked his own love of motorcycles. At six years old he discovered bikes through a family friend who let him work the throttle. It seems like a small thing. I’m sure many of us have done just this for a kid who has shown any interest in our bikes: start it up, let them work the throttle. This small gesture on our part can have, as Momoa narrates poetically, huge ramifications in the right kid’s life.

As an adult, you understand the machine and what all the pieces of it do. As a kid, the entire assembly might as well run on pure magic. That you can control this large, rumbling machine by twisting the throttle is a matter of course to us but an incredible experience for kids.

Everyone starts somewhere, and the youngster you encourage might turn out to be another Jason Momoa. He waxes poetic about all of this inspiration and then goes on to describe how he bought himself an old Harley-Davidson Panhead to ride, found a knucklehead motor that didn’t run, and bought it with the intention of restoring it. It took him thirty years, but he accomplished that goal! And he did it with his own kids, which is just heartwarming. He’s doing fatherhood right. This video is evidence that he, like us, is Motorcycle People. He respects the machines and imagines not just what they’ve all already been through, but what they’ll experience in the future.

Watch the video, folks, but first, make sure nobody is cutting onions in your vicinity.

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~




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Source: WISN-TV

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