Jon Bernthal loves Custom Indian Chief Bikes and Carey Hart obliges.

Aside from having a passion for acting, Bernthal also has a passion for two-wheeled rides, and that made him the perfect choice for freestyler Carey Hart when he set out to create a unique Indian Chief, as part of the short series of similar builds that saw Chiefs being converted by the likes of Paul Cox, Keino Sasaki, and Go Takamine, AMERiders explains.


The bike you see here, an Indian with an attitude, is supposed to be “humble but elegant,” and that effect was achieved by keeping things simple, yet at the same time unique, especially given how this is the first time Hart was tasked with putting together a motorcycle for someone else.

The stock engine of the Chief and other important mechanical elements remain stock, but they do get beefed up with the addition of several important pieces of hardware, like the Fab 28 2-into-1 stainless exhaust system, Fox piggyback shocks, and San Diego custom wheels wrapped in Dunlop tires.

Covered in a special shade of black paint, the bike is a collection of specialized hardware, with a number of high-profile shops supplying bits for it: Kraus (bar clamps, risers, and gauge bracket), Beringer and Galfer (braking hardware), or Rizoma (mirrors and lights).

“There’s so much that excites me about it. The basic setup of it is perfect. Where the handlebars sit, how he’s lifted it a little bit,” said the actor in a statement.

“I wanted it to be kind of exactly what it is. I wanted it to be humble but elegant. I didn’t want the bike to draw too much attention to itself but when you looked at it a little bit closer you realized how special it is. I think it’s beautiful. I can’t imagine a more perfect bike. I can’t believe that I get to ride this thing.”

The release of the Bernthal Chief marks the end of the Indian customization programs for this year, and we’re all looking ahead to what the bike maker has planned for next year.

Below we have videos of both Carey Hart Indian Chief Customs and Jon Bernthal’s Custom Indian Take a look.

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AMERiders explains Jon Bernthal loves Custom Indian Chief Bikes and Carey Hart obliges.

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