Avoid Being Hit By the Dreaded Left-Turners and hearing the “I didn’t see them line

We would like to apologize that our blog did not go out at it’s regularly scheduled time Wednesday as we had technical difficulties, So here is what was suppose to go out for you to read. AMERiders is all about safety and is here to give tips about Avoiding Being Hit By the Dreaded Left-Turners and hearing the “I didn’t see them line”. If you are a biker you have heard those aggravating, “I didn’t see him,” stories about car drivers who turned in front of motorcyclists. While it doesn’t make it right, it also doesn’t help you when you’re bouncing off a car. Visibility and perception are the causes of intersection accidents, and they’re also the keys to avoiding them as well.

Be Seen!

Run with your high beam on during the day. This catches other drivers’ eyes and makes you appear closer. It also helps separate you from the increasing number of cars with daytime running lights.

left turnersWear a brightly colored—Day-Glo, yellow, orange, white or red—jacket. like our Our Men’s Racer Jacket With Side-Laces is a racing style jacket made from Top Grade genuine leather, with reflective piping across the front and back of the jacket.  Has a nice quilted lining for warmth on cold rides as well as vents to cool you off as well. It also is made is accented in an amazing orange color as well as side laces. This may help the dreaded left-turners to see you better.

Left Turners
Wait, you chose to wear a neon colored helmet?

Wear a helmet painted a single bright color like our HJC SY-MAX III MODULAR HI-VIZ TOURING HELMET Designed to seamlessly to integrate with the ChatterBox XBi2-H Plus Bluetooth Communication System, the Sy-Max III has built-in mounting tabs for the microphone and the ChatterBox unit, so you can internally route all of the wires for a clean look. The best thing about this helmet is that it is HI-Viz Yellow so everyone can see you .

This helmet is made from a fiberglass shell with a polycarbonate chin bar, CAD technology was used in making this helmet as comfortable as possible to wear. A glasses grove has been added to reduce temporal pressure for glasses wearers also, and much more. This helmet is definitely eye-catching to left-turners.

Be aware of other vehicles

Position yourself where drivers waiting at an intersection can see you as you approach.

Use large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, as shields and pass through the intersection next to them. Cross-traffic might not see you, but they will see a bus—and they won’t turn in front of it.

Be aware of what you can’t see. A larger vehicle ahead of you, even an SUV or mini-van—can conceal a small car that’s about to turn in front of you. Never commit yourself to an intersection until you can see all potential threats.

Unless you believe a car may turn in front of you, maintain a constant (but prudent) or very slightly slowing speed as you approach the intersection.

Drivers may not anticipate acceleration and feel there’s room to get in front of you. If they perceive that you’re slowing, they may believe you’re going to turn or stop and that it’s okay to pull out.

Don’t signal for any turn you plan to make immediately after the intersection until you are clear of the intersection, and be sure to cancel your signals immediately after any turn since a forgotten signal tells a driver that you’re going to turn and he can pull out.

If there’s only one potential threat in the intersection, gradually move to the opposite side of your lane or an adjacent same direction lane.


Don’t proceed just because you believe you have made eye contact with the driver who was beginning to turn in front of you. We’ve seen many, many letters from injured riders who said, “We made eye contact, but he just kept turning….”

~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~








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