Lil’bikers Are Forever believes in family first as well as family safety, which is why we want to remind you that being safe and wearing your protective gear when riding is important. Since St. Patricks Day and Easter are so close together this year make sure that you protect not only yourself but your Lil’bikers as well. So while your out riding please be safe and slow down, as we all know it is fun to crank that throttle up and go ninety-to-nothin’ but we want all our brothers and sisters to come home safe and sound each night.

Lil'bikersOur Lil’bikers are special to us and will grow up to be mirror images of us or what we want them to be if we show them the proper way to ride and wear protective gear when riding. To help gear up your little guy or gal check out our Kids Section were we have Vests, Jackets, and even Chaps to help protect them.  Why not enlarge their Easter basket and give them a new set of gear to ride with you this Easter.

Kids Leather Jacket

For instance, our Kids Leather Jacket is a great jacket to start off your little biker with. It is made from Top Grade Genuine Leather and will make them feel like they are one of the pack. This jacket is also great protection from the elements as well.  Features of this adorable kids leather jacket include Zip out lining within the sleeves for more freedom. multiple pockets both inside and on the front. as well as  2 air vents on the front and 2 in the back for coolness when needed. Zip-up cuffs for extra comfort as well as stylish orange stripes running across the jacket.

Some of our children’s clothing items have matching adult items to go with them, and who doesn’t like to see parents matching their Lil’bikers in gear. The items that match each other will be noted as such.

We not only have protective gear for their bodies but for their adorable little heads as well. Our DOT and Snell certified helmets are the best way to protect their noggins from damage when riding.  We have a large selection of men’s, women’s and youth helmets available to help protect your heads.

M&M Licensed Yellow MotoX Motorcycle Helmet
M&M Licensed Yellow MotoX Motorcycle Helmet

If your kid loves M&M’s and whose doesn’t then this helmet is for them, our M&M Licensed Yellow MotoX Motorcycle Helmet will help to keep any child safe while riding.  This Special Edition licensed and numbered Motocross helmet represents, Tony Dilberto’s, dream of putting animation on production helmets. He started with a photograph of animated M&M’s and instead of drawing it as art or using computer-aided design programs, he had the animation separated into the same four-color process that prints books and magazines. Then the four-color separation is ink printed on thin, flexible water slide decals, put on the helmet and clear coated.

These limited-edition helmets come with verification of their authenticity and are available in full-face modular and MX dirt helmets. The first series of helmets (M&M) are on sale now, and are available in two unique shells: Full Face Street Modular and Off Road Dirt.

We know family first is many a bikers code which is why we say put your family first when riding and ensure that they have all the gear they need to not only be protected but look good as well. Your Lil’bikers are just as important to us as our are, so please ensure they are geared up as well as you are when you ride.


Let AMERiders be your stop for protective wear for you and your Lil’bikers.

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