Tips on Reducing Fatigue on Those Long Motorcycle Rides

AMERiders knows how tiring it can be when you’re out on the road which is why we offer you these Tips on Reducing Fatigue on Those Long Motorcycle Rides. We, motorcyclists, know that riding a motorcycle is more physically demanding than driving an automobile. The bounty of fresh air and the rolling road can make you feel so at ease that it may induce sleepiness and an alarmingly laid-back approach to operating your motorcycle. One might think it is impossible to fall asleep on a motorcycle,  during any ride –  but it has happened to many riders! Which is why we want to give you these Tips on Reducing Fatigue on Those Long Motorcycle Rides.

There are Numerous factors can lead to drowsiness only to be awoken as your motorcycle encounters the shoulder of the road, a close call, or a fatal result. Many riders who’ve experienced falling asleep at the handlebars and lived to tell the tale – were not aware they were even tired. This is especially important if you’re riding with other people. So, it is definitely a topic that your group should discuss and entertain as you plan your trip. Different riders will have different requirements for rest depending on personal stamina, and health issues.

To avoid falling asleep and overcoming Fatigue on motorcycle rides, follow a few of these basic guidelines.

Physical Preparation
Long Motorcycle Rides
A Gel/Memory Foam Motorcycle Seat Cushion will make your more comfortable so you can ride longer and enjoy the open road.

When riding your motorcycle every day or taking rides of three hours or more on the weekends – you may not be thoroughly adapted to your bike. After a full day or two of riding, you start to become keenly aware of muscles you’re using full-time to ride. You can often overcome some of this discomfort by properly setting up your bike and fitting components to it. Such as a good aftermarket seat which will aid to your comfort.

Adding just a cushion to your seat can help as well like our Gel/Memory Foam Motorcycle Seat Cushion It Features construction of faux sheepskin, honeycomb TPE gel cushion, genuine memory foam, and a non-skid base. Includes removable hook and loop fastener to attach the cushion to an existing motorcycle seat. Fits most cruiser style motorcycles. Beside these adjustments, you will definitely need to give your body the chance to adapt. Taking breaks every hour or two, especially during the first few days of a long ride, will assist you during this adjustment phase.

Caffeine and Alcohol
Long Motorcycle Rides
Diamond Plate Stainless Steel Motorcycle Cup Holder and Vacuum Bottle

Alcohol should always be avoided while riding. Caffeine, coffee, and cola, though they briefly boost alertness, are but temporary solutions and no substitute for adequate rest. Water is always a good idea to ensure that you stay hydrated while you ride. You can keep your water close at hand with a water bottle or energy drink like Gatorade in a cup holder attached to your bike.


Our Diamond Plate Stainless Steel Motorcycle Cup Holder and Vacuum Bottle will help you quench your thirst on the go and stay hydrated on the open road with this durable motorcycle cup holder and vacuum bottle set. It features adjustable clamp to easily attach to motorcycle or bike, foam cup insert and hex key wrench plus extra screw. Vacuum bottle holds 9.5oz and features internal straw/external spout, and screw-down top for easy filling. Fits both 1″ and 1-1/4″ handlebars. Limited lifetime warranty.


Getting the right amount of sleep can be a bit hard to do before and during Long Motorcycle Rides. Best practice is to gradually increase your hours of sleep the week prior to departure. Adding on a few extra hours of quality sleep will start you off stronger and more prepared for the ride. The first few nights on your journey may not provide an excellent nights’ sleep due to different surroundings, sore muscles and if you’re camping, weather and conditions can interfere as well. It is important to avoid using alcohol as a sleep aid; as it actually reduces both the quantity and quality of sleep.

Per the experts, you will ll have “tired times” every 12-hour cycle, these being between 3:00 and 5:00 pm. You may want to plan to arrive at your destination by that point or at least stop for an early dinner.
It is important that if you are overtired to make the choice to take a day off just to rest, relax and catch up on your sleep.

Diet and Physical Fitness

Being healthy helps in fighting fatigue eating well and getting exercise will help. In doing so this will increase your energy level and provide you with more strength and also help you be more alert. Of course, drinking adequate water is important too, especially considering that you’ll dehydrate more rapidly because of your exposure to the wind and elements during Long Motorcycle Rides.

Proper Motorcycle Gear
Long Motorcycle Rides
Red Graphic Rodia Full Face Motorcycle helmet

Extended exposure to the wind and the sun will dehydrate and fatigue you much more than your routine weekend jaunt or a Long Motorcycle Rides. So, riding without the proper gear such as tank-top and an open-face helmet may seem like the best way to deal with the heat, however, it will actually wear you out quicker than if a vented or mesh jacket is used. A full face helmet or an open face with face shield/visor protects your face from the wind. There is a variety of full face and open face with face shield/visor helmets.


Our Metallic Red Graphic Rodia Full Face Motorcycle helmet offers excellent rider comfort. Its plush interior padding and dual position chin and forehead ventilation make for an increased airflow. Its Lightweight fiberglass construction, silicone flush-mounted shield, padded neck roll and a host of other features round out the list of features in this great looking, comfortable D.O.T. approved helmet.

Long Motorcycle Rides
Men’s Green And Black Mesh And Nylon Motorcycle Jacket

Perspiration has the chance this way, to remain on and cool your skin if the wind flow is reduced but not eliminated. You will sharply reduce sunburn and windburn and their fatiguing effects by covering yourself fully. A windscreen on your motorcycle will also reduce and change the wind flow against you.

Our Men’s Green And Black Mesh And Nylon Motorcycle Jacket is a comfortable and safe jacket for riding in as it has many safety features including its CE armor and reflective striping.This amazing jackets features include a zip-out lining, removable foam based Certified Armor on the elbows, back, and shoulders, a reflective stripe on the jacket for a safer ride at night, multiple pockets to store your items, and zippered cuffs for a great fit!

Clear Vision
Long Motorcycle Rides
Smoke Lenses South Dakota Biker Sunglasses

Vision clarity can be an issue on extended rides too. Serious distortions in your windscreen, visor, or even sunglasses can cause you to feel disoriented, tired and can even induce headaches. If your windscreen creates this problem, or if you have a face shield or sunglasses that are optically imperfect, find a replacement to eliminate the problem. Our vision is constantly changing so when your prescription is no longer adequate, make sure you get a new exam to update your prescription before your trip.

Our Smoke Lenses South Dakota Biker Sunglasses are great for keeping the sun, dust, and bugs out of your eyes on Long Motorcycle Rides. They feature shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses that have 100% UV Protection, that are nestled in a small flexible polycarbonate frame to keep them light weight. For comfort they have rubber nose pads to prevent that irritating slippage, this is all tied together with a pretty shiny black finish on the frame.

Long Motorcycle Rides

Ensure you have a great ride

Preventing and overcoming fatigue on Long Motorcycle Rides provides benefits which go far beyond safety. Being alert and refreshed will ensure your motorcycle journey is more enjoyable. You’ll get more out of the surroundings, sights, and experiences you ventured to explore! Remember no matter how much you’re prepared, the moment you feel fatigued, get off the road, take a break and regain your strength. Worst case is to pitch your tent or book a room and sleep it off.

~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Long Motorcycle Rides







Let AMERiders help you fight fatigue during Long Motorcycle Rides with these few tips.

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