Black Friday and 2018 Motorcycle Gift Idea List to make your Biker happy

Although It is Black Friday today have you noticed that AMERiders doesn’t have sales today? We have sales throughout the year and tell you what great Motorcycle Gift Ideas for some holidays are but here is why we don’t do those black Friday sales.

Motorcycle Gift IdeasBesides wanting to keep you out of the hospital, our Men’s Classic Motorcycle Jacket with Zip-Out Lining featuring a full, zip-out lining that runs through the sleeves, epaulets on the shoulders, a full panel on the back to add your clubs’ colors and awards, a fold-down collar with button snaps, side laces, and a sturdy, front zip-up closure… The jacket is just $84.99 that is a great price. Our prices are the lowest around well the lowest I have seen anyway.

On to Motorcycle Gift Ideas.

Motorcycle Gift IdeasYou can throw your Halloween decorations at me and cover your ears pretending not to hear me, but the matter of the fact is: the Holidays are coming. Whether you live south of the country where the sun always shines or the wintery North, you assuredly know a rider and/or motorcycle enthusiast your care for or love deserving of a little something special from Santa.

Considering Santa needs a teensy bit of help from his elves, you sometimes have to do the shopping yourself but what do you offer someone itching to get back in the saddle as soon as the sun is out and who dreams in cubic centimeters? I and my elves in leather dug out some useful, and some silly Motorcycle Gift Ideas for 2018 that are easy to place under the tree and that will get your two-wheel friends and loved one’s hearts purring like a v-twin.

Multitool – $18.25

Motorcycle Gift IdeasThis is the kind of item you should always have close at hand. A multitool is a basic piece of equipment that serves, as the name suggests, a number of purposes. This type of tool usually includes a series of screwdriver heads, a blade, a file, a bottle opener, and, of course, pliers.

The handles fold, which makes the tool compact and easy to keep in your big when you hit the road. Though it might not have the tools you need should the bike require more serious maintenance, this multitool provides you with the essentials, eliminating the need to carry each of the tools separately, which makes it a great Motorcycle Gift Idea.

Motorcycle Rental – $79

Motorcycle Gift IdeasYou might be stuck in a wintery state, forced to leave your ride under a tarp, plugged in like a hospital patient waiting for recovery. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a getaway somewhere the sun always shines! Why not consider offering someone a motorcycle rental in a warm place like Miami or Vegas a great Motorcycle Gift Idea to go with you?

Eagle Rider offers a 50-percent Black Friday discount on US motorcycle rentals, now only $79 a day for a new Harley-Davidson model. The company even offers tours to fit all budgets. Escape the winter, or help plan your next trip away without having to worry about getting your own bike there.

Lego BMW R 1200 GS – $79.99

Motorcycle Gift IdeasFor the newly nostalgic of BMW’s 1,200-cc mill, replaced in 2019 but an all-new 1,250, this is a great gift to proudly display an R-series aficionado’s allegiance. Plus, come on, it’s Lego! Who doesn’t like Lego? We don’t trust you if you don’t or if the person gifting doesn’t and this Motorcycle Gift Idea isn’t for them.

This 603-piece 3-D puzzle is an 11-inch long replica of BMW’s best seller. Once completed, you can either take it apart and make the fun last by rebuilding it or it will nicely sit on a shelf for all to see or even complement the daydreams of young future adventure riders. From the R series’ quirky “winking” headlight all the way to the aluminum panniers, all the details are there for you to enjoy your very own BMW R 1200 GS.

Smartphone mount – $13.49

Motorcycle Gift IdeasSo, when’s the last time you’ve gone somewhere you’re not familiar with without using your smartphone for navigation? Now if you’re a rider, you know that navigating on a motorcycle isn’t exactly as easy unless you’ve already treated yourself to a shiny new 2019 model fitted with a fancy TFT display with smartphone connectivity.

For those among us less pompous about our choices of motorcycles, most of the time, we have to fend for ourselves, trying to remember the way like in the good old pre-Internet days. You can try to leave your phone in the transparent top pocket of your tank bag—which we don’t recommend because it’s dangerous and stupid; you might have also have tried the good old’ earphone trick to listen to the directions, deafened by wind noise. Or you simply stop at a gas station to look at the map every so often. This mount can help keep stupidity and inconvenience at bay by safely positioning your smartphone in such a way that makes it easy to peek at the directions when you need to know what the next turn is. So help keep your loved one or friend from getting lost and give them this great Motorcycle Gift Idea.

Leather care gift set – $34.95

Motorcycle Gift IdeasLeather and motorcycles go hand in hand. Whether it’s the saddle or the gear, there’s bound to be somewhere. As badass-looking as a leather riding jacket is, it eventually loses its luster. A few scratches here, a few scuffs here and boom, after only one season of riding, your leather is showing its battle scars. This leather care kit cleans, restores, and protects leathers. It can be used on any natural surface, including jackets, gloves, boots, bags, saddles, spouse (that last one’s a joke people).

The cream conditions the leather—yes, like those tasty-smelling stuff girls put in their hair and some guys—and the beeswax helps weatherproof the hide. Before storing your gear away, show your appreciation for another season well protected and give your leather gear some love it is a great Motorcycle Gift Idea.

Motorcycle fan – $56.45

Motorcycle Gift IdeasIs this motorcycle-shaped fan very useful? Probably not. Is it tacky? Absolutely and that’s what makes it fabulous. For those who have to spend the day in an office sometimes too cold, sometimes too hot, this is a fantastic conversation piece that also keeps you cool.

Any motorcycle owner likes to talk about his or her bike, so this is a good way to start the conversation and proudly show the colleagues who haven’t seen you flaunt your gear in the morning this colorful side of your personality. It’s small, easy to carry and will even fit in your top case so that you’ll bring the cool wherever you go.

Harley-Davidson patent art print – Starts at $5.00

Motorcycle Gift IdeasThis is just so cool and a little different. If you’re looking something to put on a wall, this print should be on your list. This is a reproduction of a 1924 Harley-Davidson motorcycle patent filing with the technical drawings—patent documents haven’t changed much in a century apparently.

This will tickle the artistic side of any rider and whether you’re a devoted Harlista or not, this is still a pretty cool print to own.

Books – $34.00

Motorcycle Gift IdeasFor the geekier riders, consider buying a book (or many). The cool thing about motorcycle riders is that there is generally a genuine interest in the ride and a respect for its history. There are thousands of books that have been written about motorcycles, so it might be hard to choose, but a historical overlook of the evolution of motorcycles is always a good place to start.

Plus, when the photography is a pleasure for the eye, it enhances the whole experience. Learn a thing or two or ten about your pony and its history—you’d be surprised how fascinating early riding really was. There are three or four generations of enthusiasts who have paved the way for us to ride the sexy beasts we get to nowadays.

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~

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