Motorcycle Helmets Designs and the Super-Specialized Reasoning Behind Them.

Ameriders wants to ensure your noggin is safe, which is why we are bringing you Motorcycle Helmets Designs and the Super-Specialized Reasoning Behind Them, as well as many DOT and SNELL helmets in our store.


The head has been smacked, slashed, smacked, cracked, set on fire and well whipped around like Skip-It and still survived. Our beloved motorcycles bounce our skulls off pavement without the slightest consideration for riders who think they that their heads will hold up to a fall. Racecars are unforgiving as well, as they will use your head as a pinball with the steel roll cage and harness as the paddles.

Helmets Evolution
Motorcycle Helmet Designs
Evolution of the Helmet

Both helmets have evolved over the years since they were just leather caps. There only purpose was to help keep your ears intact as the wind rushed past while riding, or racing. They have also been diverging, becoming ever dedicated, and increasingly in their tasks. Their shells and visors to both motorcycle and auto racing helmets are similarly in two very specialized ways to armor up. This would be Snell Certifications and DOT -Department of Transportation Certification.


Snell Memorial Foundation, who is the voice of authority in all this is and is a nonprofit group of engineers, scientists, and physicians, who created a new safety standard for auto racing and motorcycle helmets every five years. Fresh rules are due out this year.

Motorcycle Helmet Designs
What some Snell/DOT approved Helmets look like

Snell handles both Motorcycle and Racecar Helmets, very few motorcycle or racecar helmets are just one or the other most are both. Snell Certifications are voluntary by the manufacturer and most North American Racing Series require Snell Rated as well as Full-faced Motorcycle helmets. Motorcycle helmets that are usually both don’t sell as well unless they are full all-over Motorcycle Helmet Designs that draw the riders attention to buy it.

Here is what Ed Becker, Snell’s executive director had to say about impact protection of the two helmets. “I doubt whether there’s any real difference in impact protection between Snell M2015 [for motorcycles] and SA2015 [for cars] helmets.” Either way, a motorcycle helmet is not safe to race and a racing helmet is not safe to ride in.

The Difference between the two helmets

Between the two helmets besides the cool Motorcycle helmet designs and sweet racecar helmet designs are other things as well. It’s more than just what happens when you bonk your head, it is also about fire protection. Racing helmets have fire protection, don’t think all full-face helmets that you see are racing helmets they aren’t Ameriders has both Racing and full-faced helmets in stock. The Auto helmets’ fire-resistant Nomex liner is not existent in motorcycle helmets because a rider leaves the bike conscious or not.

However, getting out of a racecar is totally different in a crash. The safety system is designed to protect the driver from harm and a caged race car driver takes an extra 15 seconds longer to get out of the car than it does to fly out of a motorcycle. That is 15 seconds of fire protection that could save the drivers life that a motorcycle driver doesn’t have I call that a win.


DOT or  Department of Transportation. Is a US government approved standard which is the most popular helmet type in the country for most everyone except for race car drivers. DOT helmets differ from Snell as they are more shock absorbent and designed at protecting your skull from 90% of impact types. The maximum g-force allowed by the DOT test is 250g’s, and an impact of 200-250g’s to your head would cause a survivable, yet harsh brain injury. These helmets also are favorite shock absorbency because of recent studies claiming that absorbing the force of an impact could be more important than resisting it.


The Snell Memorial Foundation is an independent organization established in 1957, named after race car driver William “Pete” Snell who tragically died in 1956 when his helmet failed to protect his head during an accident. Ed Becker is Snell’s executive director has stated, “There are many more motorcyclists than racing drivers, so manufacturers can justify the expensive tooling to produce cheaper polycarbonate shell motorcycle helmets. Race Car helmets are Kevlar or fiberglass because although they’re more labor-intensive to make, the tooling is cheaper. Carbon fiber is top-of-the-line for both Race Car and motorcycle helmets, but it’s years away from trickling down the price range.”

In Closing

Motorcycle Helmets do trump Race Car Helmets in visibility as they have at least a 210-degree lateral vision to a race car helmet 180 degrees. As Motorcycle riders crouch, sit upright, look both ways and look back, so needing a bigger visor is important so they can see in all positions. When strapped into a Race car’s racing seat and its harness, you’ll be thrilled to have side view mirrors as you can hardly move your head. You can only turn it a few degrees in any direction, so the extra visor space would be a real waste.

“The ‘low-velocity’ tests came about because of concern at FIA and elsewhere that helmets built to withstand very severe impacts might also transmit high levels of shock in less serious impacts,” says Becker. “So we were urged to include some low-velocity impact tests.” (The FIA is an International Motorsports Governing Body).

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