Motorcycle Manufacturer Bajaj Auto Extends Support During the Pandemic

One of India’s biggest two and three-wheeler manufacturers, Bajaj Auto, has announced that it will be implementing several new policies geared towards providing additional support to its employees amid the ongoing second wave of coronavirus infections, making sure that they are taken care of. AMERiders has the story.

The additional benefits provided to Bajaj Auto’s employees consist of both monetary support, as well as comprehensive insurance policies in the event of hospitalization, or worse, the death of an employee. Apart from looking after its employees’ physical health, the trying times brought about by the pandemic have also proven to be mentally and emotionally draining. That being said, Bajaj Auto is undertaking steps into providing mental health support to its employees, in addition to the extensive healthcare support already being given.

Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto states, “When asked how we should treat others, Ramana Maharshi replied, ‘There are no others’. It is with this sense of oneness that we shall do our utmost for any extended families of Bajaj Auto who might be devastated by the loss of their loved ones who went beyond the call of duty in the face of this pandemic.”

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Unfortunately, the pandemic has claimed thousands of lives in India over the past month alone. In line with this, Bajaj Auto will be providing monetary support for a period of two years to the family of any employee who, unfortunately, succumbs to the deadly virus. On top of this, the company will also assist with the expenses of the employee’s children’s education all the way until graduation in any degree of their choosing. Lastly, the company will also be providing a five-year hospitalization insurance program for all of the deceased employee’s family members.

Bajaj Auto’s initiatives to combat the COVID-19 pandemic go well beyond the confines of the organization, too. In order to help alleviate the community as a whole, the company has pledged a whopping Rs 300 crore, or around $41 million USD to be donated to various non-government organizations, healthcare facilities, and government agencies. Among these initiatives include the procurement of oxygen plants, respiratory equipment, and maintenance and improvement of healthcare facilities.

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Let AMERiders explain how Motorcycle Manufacturer Bajaj Auto Extends Support During the Pandemic

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