Ride on the Job: Motorcycle Occupations You’ll Love to Have

At AMERiders we love to ride and Riding on the Job is fun Which is why we are showing you  Motorcycle Occupation you’ll Want to Have. Reading this post may think you rethink your career if you spend 9-5 behind a cubicle wall. True bikers dream about spending all day, every day on a bike, regardless of whether they are working or playing. Although it may seem unattainable, this dream can be a definite reality for some that pursue that dream. Here are some occupations which allow you to earn a wage on a while riding your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Expedition Guide

Motorcycle OccupationTraveling and seeing the world from your motorcycle can be a  fun career to pursue and as a motorcycle expedition guide, you get just that. Want to be a purveyor of adventure be a motorcycle expedition guide. Through companies like Australia’s Outback Adventure Treks, guides can make a living setting up exotic excursions or in-town tours. Now that is one motorcycle occupation I would love to have myself.

Motorcycle Safety Instructor

Motorcycle Safety InstructorWe have all had to take a class in motorcycle safety before we could receive our motorcycle license and drive on the open road. A Motorcycle safety instructor has the most important job in the industry. The teach novice bikers how to ride their vehicles with the attentive care necessary to keep them safe on the road. They also lead training classes in how to properly operate a motorcycle and evaluate the rider’s performance.

Motorcycle Mechanic/Technician

Motorcycle OccupationEveryone at some point needs work done on their bike. If you are not mechanically inclined and don’t know how to fix it yourself then you need a licensed mechanic. A motorcycle mechanic or technicians job can range from diagnosing and repairing your bike, to even modifying and overhauling it as well. The great part about this job is that there are plenty of technical schools out there that can train field-ready technicians in two years or less. Now what biker wouldn’t want to know this Motorcycle Occupation, it would cost them less money to have their bike fixed as they could do it themselves.

Motorcycle Police

Motorcycle OccupationYes, we do have them an actual Motorcycle Occupation For bikers with a mind for law enforcement. Becoming a motorcycle police officer is a job for a biker that wants to ensure that there is law and order around them. Police have been riding motorcycles to enforce traffic laws and escort vehicles since the early 1900s. Today, cops on bikes (often referred to as “motor units”) ride bikes ranging from Harley-Davidsons to BMWs. They use their motorcycles in order to maneuver easily through crowded streets and get to incidents on the road quickly and easily.

Motorcycle Courier

Motorcycle OccupationAre you one of those that has the need for speed then consider becoming a motorcycle courier. These Motorcycle couriers, who are also known as “dispatch riders,” make a living riding their bikes in urban environments to make speedy deliveries. Whether working for a courier company or working for an in-house distribution center, they are equipped with high-performance motorcycles that make meeting delivery times a breeze.

Motorcycle Stunt Driver

Motorcycle OccupationMotorcycle stunt drivers are daredevils that are willing to put their life on the line to achieve exciting ultimate acrobatic bike maneuvers. These Stunt drivers find work in many places such as film, TV production, in competition or in even exhibitions. Keep in mind, however, this career isn’t for the faint at heart or for someone looking for stability. Due to the extreme risk of injury, this particular Motorcycle Occupation tends to be short-lived.

Professional Competitive Motorcycle Race Driver

Motorcycle OccupationBeing a professional motorcycle racer is the epitome of making a living as a motorcyclist. Most of your time will be dedicated to becoming the best motorcycle racer you can be on the track. The American Motorcyclist Association offers tips for getting started if this is a path you may be interested in. However, like the stunt driver, this particular Motorcycle Occupation tends to be short-lived.

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