The Top Ten Motorcycle Truisms You May Hear Frequently

Every form of endeavor probably has its truisms and clichés.  Some are worth remembering; some not so much. But either way here is AMERiders anthology of selected motorcycle truisms, not necessarily ranked in any order or included based on any profound underlying truth.  In fact, it’s often the case that truisms just aren’t always true.

Motorcycle Truisms
Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket With Reflective Skulls

1st of our Motorcycle Truisms is “There are two kinds of riders—those that have fallen and those that are going to.”  We don’t know who actually coined that phrase, but it seems entirely likely that if you ride a motorcycle long enough, it’s bound to be made true. Just make sure when you fall you’re wearing protective gear. It may help you get home safer, like our Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket With Reflective Skulls design is made from Heavy duty Top grade naked cowhide leather with skulls that eerily reflect light at night to help you be seen better while riding. Not to mention many other great features.

Other features include features and multiple air vents with zipper closure for comfort when the asphalt gets hot. Sleek collar with button snaps, front zipper closure, zipper button snap cuffs, side zippers with button snap straps, removable back shoulder and elbow pads make this jacket extremely functional. Two front pockets with zipper closure and two inside pockets with snap closure hold various items safely so you can keep your eyes on the checkered flag. Open this jacket up to mesh lined and a full sleeve zip-out liner for the desired comfort in temperature fluctuations, great for cold weather or a summer cruising, and you will be prepared for the road ahead.

Motorcycle Truisms
6 inch Lace Zipper Boot Black

The 2nd of our Motorcycle Truisms “If it looks slippery, it probably is.”  Once again we are unsure of attribution for the originator of this practical admonition, but speaking from personal experience, it has proven to be an accurate assessment of the situation in the vast majority of cases.  Riding on snow with street tires brings this into very clear focus—although knobby tires don’t necessarily improve anything. This rings also true to make sure you are wearing boots with good tread. Like our Men’s 6″ Lace Zipper Boot Black is built for comfort, durability, and traction. Extra heavy duty traction sole for added protection and style. This boot has Goodyear welt construction and also features top quality full grain oil leather, the lace-up design with buckle strap, and YKK zipper. We do have this exact same model for women as well.

MotorThe 3rd of Motorcycle Truisms “If you have a ten dollar head, get a ten dollar helmet.”  Judging from helmet prices these days, it’s nearly impossible to get a ten dollar helmet even at a yard sale. Always make sure to use a great helmet anyway because it is more than likely possible that your head is worth more than $10.

Motorcycle Truisms
Black Race 3/4 Shell Motorcycle Helmet

Like this Black Race 3/4, Shell Motorcycle Helmet is a new 2010 RM6 helmet design and features unique-design geometry that optimizes both coverage and visibility in an open face helmet. The Snell RM5 is Rodia’s original state-of-the-art lightweight multi-purpose helmet featuring aggressive styling, comfortable fit, and outstanding ventilation. The Snell RM6 is always up to the challenge and can be used in any style of racing.


4th Motorcycle Truisms “Ride it like you stole it.”  This truism was taken seriously 46,061 times in the U.S. in 2012, which is the number of bikes stolen that year according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). It has never made sense to me if your gonna ride it like you stole it, then ride slowly so no one catches you or suspects you.

5th Motorcycle Truisms “Speak your mind but ride a fast motorcycle.”  This is a paraphrase of the old Will Rogers quip, “Speak your mind but ride a fast horse.”  Much of what Will Rogers had to say was golden when he said it and still is today.

6th Motorcycle Truisms “Chrome won’t get you home.”  No doubt coined by someone afflicted with chrome envy after seeing a blingy Harley glistening in the sun—perhaps as it sat out of the action on the side of the road.

Motorcycle Truisms

7th Motorcycle Truisms “Loud pipes save lives.”  This weak validation of obnoxiously loud pipes on some bikes has, in at least one personal instance, proven to be somewhat true.  I was sailing along on I-39 in my car northbound on a great summer day when a bike was attempting to merge into traffic from the right. I didn’t see him, but as the distance between us closed, I could hear him and with a clear lane to my left was able to shift in time to avoid creating a squeeze play. Of course, he really only would have to amend his speed to merge if I hadn’t moved over without it really being a life-or-death situation, but it did prove that when a bike is in the blind spot, that exhaust note can make a difference.

8th Motorcycle Truisms “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.”  This is the motorcycle marketing manager’s mantra that associates success on the race track with success in the showroom.  The connection between successful road racing or motocross bikes and sales of cruisers or conventional street bikes may be something of a push, but maybe the exposure from race coverage does the overall brand some good in terms of showroom traffic. On the other hand, there is some evidence to the contrary—BSA captured the first three places at the 1971 Daytona 200 but was out of business by the end of 1973.

Motorcycle Truisms

9th Motorcycle Truisms “Racing improves the breed.”  This truism has been adapted to motorsports of all sorts and the connection between racing and consumer-driven machines goes way back to the beginnings of motorized vehicles in general. It would seem to make sense, particularly where manufacturers are directly involved in the racing effort of designing, and building machines and using those machines as part of their product development program. But, as Phil Schilling observed in his book, “The Motorcycle World,” it’s a phrase that “makes sense only when the racing machines and road models bear some resemblance to one another and are adapted to the same set of conditions.”

10th and last of our Motorcycle Truisms “There is no substitute for cubic inches.”  Another one bandied about in nearly all motorsports. At one time, this was generally true, maybe back when virtually all engines were side valve, pushrod jobs and making the pistons larger and stroke longer was the formula for more horsepower. Some folks still cling to the notion, but it has long been proven that technology can trump displacement. No one has seen a 74 cubic inch pushrod V-twin try to stay with an RZ350. But then, to be fair, it was never intended to.

There is no doubt enough motorcycle truisms to fill a book or two.  These are but a few that come to mind.  Maybe you’d like to share a few.

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Motorcycle Truisms







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