Reasons to Depend More on Your Motorcycle Than on Your Car

AMERiders is going to give you at least 10 Reasons to Depend More on Your Motorcycle Than on Your Car today. So get out and Ride that beauty! It’s well-known that motorcycles provide a major thrill that is unmatched when driving an automobile. Although there are many dangers that are often linked with riding motorcycles, these bikes offer many advantages that can benefit more than just one person.

Motorcycle1. Motorcycles are environmentally friendly.

Contrary to popular belief, motorcycles are actually better for the environment than most gas guzzling automobiles. They use less gas and oil, and as a result, release fewer toxins into the atmosphere. Releasing fewer chemicals into the atmosphere means a reduction in global warming in the long term. So why not enjoy the thrill of a motorcycle to help good ‘ole Mother Earth last a bit longer?

motorcycle2. Motorcycles contribute less to the destruction of roads.

Motorcycles are much lighter than an automobile. Even with 1-2 bodies of average weight, a motorcycle has less of an impact on the condition of a road than other types of vehicles do. It is far less likely for a motorcycle to damage a road than an automobile or other vehicles will. Meanwhile, the force, weight, and pressure of other vehicles often result in road damage.

Motorcycle3. Motorcycles are a better alternative to public transportation.

Let’s face it: No one enjoys riding on buses, trains or any other form of public transportation. They are often hot, uncomfortable and even crowded. If you desire your own personal space, you may want to consider relying on a motorcycle instead. Plus they can be a magnet for unwanted criminal activity such as theft of personal items, and more.

Motorcycle4. Motorcycles are less likely to be hijacked.

With technology advancing the way that it is and allowing smartphones to keep track of a motorcycle’s location, it is less likely for a bike to be stolen. Also, it’s easier to locate it if it is taken. It’s also not as easy to step up on a person riding a motorcycle and take their motorcycle like it is a car we have places to go a person in an automobile doesn’t.

Motorcycle5. Motorcycles are convenient.

Motorcycles are so much fun to ride, they are very easy to maneuver, and can fit into some pretty tight spaces, whether you’re in rush-hour traffic or trying to find a parking spot in a hurry, or just out on a tour of the town or countryside.

Motorcycle6. Enjoy more scenery.

When riding in an automobile, we’re often surrounded by distractions such as small talk with passengers, loud music, videos, Bluetooth phone calls and much more. These distractions often prevent drivers from completely focusing on their surroundings. However, while riding on a motorcycle, these things are not there to worry about and you can enjoy the beauty of the of the countryside or whatever state your touring at the time.

motorcycle7. Gain confidence on the road.

Motorcycles are adventurous. Relying on these bikes more will provide you with an invaluable set of skills and confidence on the road. They help a driver gain defensive driving skills and other tactics that can be employed both in both an automobile and on a bike.

motorcycle8. Save money.

Motorcycle are much cheaper to maintain, operate, park and register a than a automobiles are.

motorcyle9. Increase your health.

Getting fresh air is simply good for your health. It allows your internal oxygen to flow freely throughout the brain, allowing you to be fresh and alert. Try going camping with your motorcycle it is a bit different than camping out in an RV.

10. Live a little!

If we have not declared it enough, motorcycles are fun! So get out there and live a little.

At AMERiders we love our Motorcycles and wouldn’t have it any other way come rain or shine we love to ride so get out and ride today we are!

~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~








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