76th Annual Sturgis Rally Has a New Full Throttle Saloon!

AMERiders is excited to announce that at this year’s rally there will be a “New Full Throttle Saloon” in its brand new location, this coming after the tragic fire that caused the iconic bar to burn down last year. With the 76th Annual Sturgis Rally just a few days away this is exciting news for rally goers and Full Throttle fans.

Out of tragedy comes something new
New Full Throttle Saloon
Full Throttle Saloon Fire in 2015

When the iconic bar burned down last year the community rallied behind Ballard, his wife Angie and business partner and Jackyl lead singer Jesse James Dupree and urged them to rebuild. Some people that are upset that it was not rebuilt at its old site, however, Garner, national sales representative for Full Throttle S’loonshine & Jesse James Bourbon said “there was a very good reason for the move. It was landlocked; there was no room to grow.”  Hence the new location.

The New Full Throttle Saloons location
New Full Throttle Saloon
Jesse James Dupree

The former saloon was located on the 38 acres.However, just five miles down the road The New Full Throttle Saloon location is on 50, with another 500 acres for camping. Dupree said the new location will house three times as many vendors, the state’s largest stage, and an Olympic-size pool.

New Full Throttle Saloon
Pop in and have a drink or get merchandise, and – of course – take pictures of what once stood as the World’s Largest Biker Bar.

While owner Michael Ballard is building a new Full Throttle Saloon on site at the Pappy Hoel Campground, about 6 miles north of Sturgis, many people are still stopping to take a look at the original location, which was destroyed by fire last year but remains open to the public.

Pappy Hoel Campground
 New Full Throttle Saloon
Pappy Hoel Campground

The new facility will be named the Pappy Hoel Campground and Ballard explained the significance behind the name. “Pappy Hoel is the man who actually founded the Sturgis Rally 76 years ago,” he said. “He actually owned an Indian motorcycle dealership here in Sturgis and he started flat track racing back in 1938. And he started a ride once a year through the Black Hills to Mount Rushmore. So in honor of the guy that started the event, we decided to name the campground the Pappy Hoel Campground. The is located on the main property, so “The Full Throttle Presents the Pappy Hoel Campground.”

Fundraising and Donations
New Full Throttle Saloon
Barrel of Full Throttle Trimble Tennessee Whiskey

As a fundraiser to aid in building back the bar, Ballard started a program similar to the Brick Project in Sturgis. However, Full Throttle’s is a steel plate, to which you can get your name, the name of the town you’re from, CNC’d out of steel and it actually gets welded to the side of the bar. They sold many that will be up this year for the rally. They’ll have a booth set up that Sturgis goers can buy them and  can actually watch them CNC your name out of it and watch them weld it onto the bar.   For those that love whiskey and want to donate Your can get your own Barrel of Full Throttle Trimble Tennessee Whiskey for just $5000 check out the information on that here.

New Full Throttle Saloon
Michael Ballard Turner Broadcasting Photo

Everyone knows that Full Throttle has awesome concerts so check out the 2016 Rally Concerts at the main stage. Those events actually start August 5th wait that is today!

2016 Rally Concerts – Main Stage

All concerts are free at Full Throttle if you are there before 6 pm. After 6 pm there’s a cover charge of about usually $10 to $20 dollars depending on the concert. But the upside, it also comes with a free drink ticket.

All events can change without notice….more coming soon!
Friday, Aug. 5th
Sevendust & Crobot
Sat. Aug. 6th
Molly Hatchet
Sun. Aug. 7th
Brian Howe
Mon. Aug. 8th
Tue. Aug. 9th
Ted Nugent
Wed. Aug. 10th
Thu. Aug. 11th
Jackyl Night!!
Fri. Aug. 12th
Black Label Society
Sat. Aug. 13th
Zakk Wylde Book of Shadows II
Sun. Aug. 14th

Don’t forget to visit these other most noteworthy and iconic venues as well during Sturgis.
New Full Throttle Saloon
The Knuckle Saloon

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New Full Throttle Saloon
The Famous Iron Horse Saloon

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New Full Throttle Saloon
Buffalo Chip

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and last but not least

New Full Throttle Saloon
Glencoe Camp Resort

Glencoe Camp Resort here is their website for other great information on the venue.





And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

New Full Throttle Saloon







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