AMERiders 2018 New Years Resolution Ideas for Bikers

Its that time of the year again, this weekend holds the last of 2017 and on Monday 2018 will be here. The New Year’s resolution posts on Facebook and other social media sites are about to start flooding your timelines. Maybe someone you know is planning to: quit smoking, hit the gym, drink less – the list can go on. These resolutions usually don’t last long. What about for us motorcycle riders though? If you’re passionate about riding, then it’ll be easier to follow through on your resolutions. You shouldn’t have to wait until the 1st of January to try something new or make a commitment, but since that’s what we all do, let’s make some anyway. Now let’s get started on some 2018 New Years Resolution Ideas for Bikers from AMERiders.

Wash Your Motorcycle Regularly

New Years Resolution Ideas

Washing your bike on the regular is all apart of good hygiene and keeping your ride looking shiny and healthy. Making a habit out of washing your motorcycle will keep the paint in shape, and your chain, rubber pipes, and metalwork will also appreciate it. Make it your resolution to wash your bike at least once a month to keep it looking like a million bucks. It’s a good habit to help spot any potential mechanical problems that might develop in the future, and a great New Years Resolution Ideas for Bikers. (We will give you some tips next week for cleaning your motorcycle.)

Regular Maintenance

New Years Resolution Ideas for Bikers

First things first this is a plus for our list of New Years Resolution Ideas for Bikers. If you don’t know what you’re doing, then the new year is the perfect time to learn. You should take a look at your owner’s manual to get more familiar with your specific motorcycle and make mental notes on what definitive features and functions your bike does. Having your own set of tools to perform small tasks yourself, will save you money in the long run instead of having to bring your bike to a mechanic. If you ever get stumped on how to do something correctly, there are plenty of instructional videos online to help you out.

Ride More Often

How many days in 2017 did you ride? If you live in Florida, your answer might be every day. If you live somewhere with cold winters and heaps of snow, we would assume not. Weather permitted, you should try and ride more than you did in the previous year. Set a goal of riding a specific amount of days per month. It can be hard to do with family, work and other commitments occupying most of your time, but if you are a passionate rider, then it shouldn’t be viewed as a chore. Even if you have to go around the corner for a few groceries, make it your duty to take your bike instead.

New Years Resolution Ideas for Bikers

Once the nice weather hits your area, get out and join up with local organized charity rides. Group riding is also a great way to get out and ride more. The more buddies you have that want to hit the road, the easier it will be for you to get off your butt and go for a ride.

If bad weather is something that has scared you away in the past, then try and challenge yourself and go for a ride in the rain or strong winds every so often. Riding in these conditions can teach you valuable riding skills. Obviously, if the weather is too extreme, don’t take the risk. But if you think you can manage in a little drizzle, then helmet up and get out there! This is definitely one that some of our friends said that they were adding to their list of New Years Resolution Ideas for Bikers.

Plan a Motorcycle Trip

New Years Resolution Ideas for Bikers

Traveling is always a big one when it comes to resolutions. Planning a trip can get expensive, but if you decide on taking your motorcycle somewhere instead, you will enjoy the freedom and experience of getting to your destination a lot more. You go on long rides every so often anyways right? So why not make a journey of it! Now is the perfect time to start planning something for the Summer because, depending on where you live, you already have or are about to see plenty of snow in the coming months.

If you live in a northern part of the USA, why not head over to Canada to see what roads they have to offer? If you have the budget, fly over to Europe and rent a bike there and go nuts riding everywhere you can. The possibilities are endless. You just need that determination and drive to start organizing things and actually follow through with it. You only live once, so you might as well make it memorable experiencing the unfamiliar.

Get a Second Motorcycle

New Years Resolution Ideas for Bikers

Are you an admirer of multiple brands and want to try something different? Do you own a sports bike and always thought of transitioning to a cruiser? If you have the budget then why not have both? Owning two cuts down on the wear and tear for both of them – the only added expense is the license plates and extra insurance. If you can find a good insurer who offers dual bike insurance, all the better. Make sure to spend an equal amount of time maintaining them even if you ride one more than the other. Two is better than one!

We will be giving you tips about picking a second motorcycle in the future which can help you if you are seriously thinking about getting another one.

Perhaps you have your resolutions ready to go that aren’t on this list. Let us know some other New Years Resolution Ideas for Bikers (or yours) in the comments below or on one of any of our other social media pages. We would like to hear them.

We at AMERiders want to wish all our customers a safe and Happy New Year. Please be safe while out and about this weekend while you ring in the new year.

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~

~And be safe this weekend during your holiday partying~

New Years Resolution Ideas for Bikers







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