NLC Custom Shop Builds a Harley-Davidson V-Rod Named Camarena

By design, Harley-Davidson motorcycles are made to be customized. Everyone knows this, including the company itself, which is doing its best to encourage projects based on its products. Most of the time, these projects have something truly spectacular about them, but there are cases when they’re simply… strange, to say the least. You all know how we at AMERiders like to bring you interesting builds from interesting custom shops. So we are bringing you one called Camarena, from a German shop called No Limit Custom (NLC).

It was an ordinary V-Rod if there ever was such a thing. Now, the two-wheeler is bleeding red through all its pores, be it of Harley’s design or the shop’s own making.

It may not look like it, but there are around $22,000-worth of extra parts fitted on the thing (or €18,000, because it comes from Europe), and that does not include the eye-popping red used everywhere. And we really mean everywhere, including the place tuners usually don’t go painting: the engine.

Technically speaking, these guys didn’t touch the engine either, except for fitting it with a low exit exhaust system. The red you see on the Camarena is actually sprayed on a 3D engine cover, milled from a full block of aluminum. But it is not the only place where it was used.

Red is extensively deployed on pretty much every part of the bike, from the front fender to the rear one and sideways across the fuel tank. By the way, the latter is a slightly smaller piece than stock, at just 11 liters. The modification was required by the changes made up front, where the shocks were tucked under the bike, and a new front fork was fitted.

Important to note is that if you fancy the parts, you don’t actually have to go for the same paint job. This is custom, after all, and the client’s desire is the law.

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