NLC Gave This Gentleman Racer an Expensive Suit but It Looks Great.

If someone were to ask “Where are the most Harley-Davidson custom shops located?” the answer would probably be the U.S. That would be the right answer, because yes, no other country has as many garages and private individuals who like to tamper with existing Harleys or make their own custom creations. But Germany is a place where something even more miraculous happens. We’ll explain more below as well as give you an example, as NLC Gave This Gentleman Racer an Expensive Suit but It sure does Look Great.

As we said, Germany is a place where something even more miraculous happens and Europe is not necessarily a sucker for Harley bikes, but there is a hardcore fanbase there that made possible the existence of shops like Thunderbike or No Limit Custom Manufaktur (NLC).

Over the past year, Thunderbike’s Harley builds have made the rounds here at AMERiders, showing to the world that there’s enough talent to go around even outside the good old U.S.A. And their products will continue to come, as these guys, who have been in business for the past 30 years, are not likely to go away any time soon.

But as of this week, we’re planning to make NLC a constant presence as well because, by all accounts, they deserve it. And we’ll start with a build they call Gentleman Racer, in fact, an FXDR pumped beyond recognition with €17,600 (roughly $20,000) worth of custom and extra parts.

Sporting a color scheme one doesn’t usually get to see on a Harley (white and black, with a pint of orange), the two-wheeler is an ode to aluminum: the rear fender, fuel tank, engine spoiler, and frame covers are made from it.

The most expensive added pieces of hardware are, however, the front fork ($4,700) and the swingarm (about the same). There are other, less expensive items fitted as well, things like a new brake system and covers for the reservoir and ignition coil.

Combined, and taking into account the base bike, which is not included, the Gentleman Racer certainly is one expensive Milwaukee-Eight.

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AMERiders NLC Gave This Gentleman Racer an Expensive Suit but It Looks Great..

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