NLC’s Harley-Davidson Darkside Boasts 5k in Custom Parts and Brakes

As we journeyed through the world of custom bikes this past year, we realized there’s pretty much nothing a Harley-Davidson owner really rules out when it comes to their ride. Today’s treat comes from Germany, of course, from a shop called No Limit Custom Manufaktur (NLC). It is called, in this modified form, Darkside, and started life as a Breakout, the model its maker describes as being capable of “turning stoplights into drag strips.” AMERiders gives you the lowdown.

The Darkside is a fast machine by all accounts, powered by the 114 Milwaukee-Eight engine good for 155 Nm (114 lb-ft), and brought to a halt by brakes rocking a 4-piston setup at the front and a 2-piston one at the rear.

For some reason, someone at NLC decided the engine is powerful enough, but the breaks aren’t. So the Breakout was taken to the shop and gifted with 320 mm brake discs and 6-piston brake calipers front and rear. All, the garage says, as a means to deliver a brutal stop.

The impressive hardware is worth a combined €2,500 ($3,000), which is more than half the price of all the parts that went into making this build, including the new rear and front fenders, engine spoiler, and other minor touches.

As for how the thing looks, the name says it all. We have a darkened appearance coming from the many black elements of the motorcycles, but also a touch of contrast given by the aluminum coating deployed here and there and the welded-look exhaust system.

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