No Limit Custom Makes the H-D Limited Softail Look Intimidating & Tough

Generally described as a type of motorcycle boasting the rear suspension concealed under the frame, the term Softail is literally tied to Harley-Davidson. The American bike maker even has some rights for the name, ever since the FXST hit the market in 1984. However, The moniker is deceiving, at least on a superficial level, as there are no soft traits in these bikes. No Limit Custom has modified an H-D Limited Softail to look Intimidating and Tough, AMERiders gives you the skinny on this pretty lady.

The family, which presently includes the Softail, Fat Boy, and Low Rider, among others, are known to be able to take a beating in stock form, but also survive hard customization work performed in shops around the world. What you’re looking at now was once a member of the Softail family, and for all intents and purposes, it still is. Only it has been modified by the German custom bike shop to such a degree that it now looks like a hard, cold piece of threatening metal on two custom wheels.

Called Limited in the shop’s books, the motorcycle was gifted with a sharp-looking fuel tank. What you’re looking at is not a custom piece, but something NLC calls a shell, which is glued on top of the original piece of hardware to give it whatever new shape the owner desires.

The two-wheeler also received a new short rear fender, a so-called engine spoiler meant to make the entire build more aggressive, custom CNC-milled hand levers, and various covers. The most expensive hardware that went into this build is the swingarm kit, worth around $4,400 according to NLC.

Limited Softail

The changes made to the two-wheeler are successful enough to convey a message of toughness, but only for those who can afford it. Combined, the parts used on this build are worth around 6,000 euros, which is roughly $7,000 at today’s exchange rates. That’s not including the man-hours, paint scheme, and of course the bike itself.

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Let AMERiders give you the skinny on No Limit Custom Makes the H-D Limited Softail Look Intimidating & Tough.

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