Women Riders & Ye Old Footwear Mystery How Does It Mesh?

Everyone knows the old footwear mystery that deals with women and their shoes, we like to own too many and some of us way….too many, but how does it work with motorcycles? AMERiders knows, women love their footwear, and why wouldn’t they some men do too and we don’t judge. However, there are some of us that will hop on a bike in any type of shoe no matter what it is just because we can’t bear to part with the sweet outfit look we have made for that day. Whether it very dangerous to do so or not.

Old Footwear MysteryIt is a mystery that has surrounded men and women for many years about women’s obsession with shoes. Men and some women who don’t share in this mystery don’t get it, why we have to have more shoes than guys may have underwear. Old Footwear MysteryMen can have a pair of sneakers, a pair of work boots, a pair of motorcycle boots, however, these can be the same , and a good pair of dress shoes and that is all they need. Not so with women, they need shoes to match everything, and still say they have nothing to wear.

Old Footwear MysteryWalking around in stiletto’s is one thing but trying to balance a 500lb or more bike on them is another. They biggest mystery is a woman getting on that motorcycle in these heels but you see it every day whether they are riding with their man or riding their own motorcycle these are not adequate for riding! For someone that loves their shoes aren’t they worried about scuff marks, breaking their heels, orOld Footwear Mystery what is more , dropping their bike because they lose their balance?

How many of you ladies have broken how many pairs of heels from just a normal day? It sucks, then why, do it while riding it can cause an accident and possibly cause a fatality with you or the person that was in the collision with you, plus you could lose a great pair of heels!

Old Footwear Mystery

Wearing proper riding attire is important, and can be much more of a fashion statement than wearing a pair of heels on a boot, leave that to the models for Harley, Indian or other motorcycle manufacturers. A great boot not only makes a statement it protects your ankles and feet from burns from the exhaust pipe, it protects your ankle from sprains and possible breaks if the bike is dropped while standing still and serious injuries in light collisions. The level of protection compared to heels or other shoes that women may want to wear besides boots is far superior as ankle and leg support are designed for impact as well as withstanding abrasions that can occur while riding.

At AMERiders, we want to ensure that our Lady Riders are safe while riding which is why we provide this information. We have a limited selection of boots at this time and will have new stock in shortly.

Old Footwear Mystery

Keep Checking back for our announcement of new products as we will have something coming very soon that you Ladies will love to get your hands on to complete your stylized looks. Gents you will love these items too, as they will make you look even cooler than you do now!

~Live Free Ride Hard~

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Ladies let AMERiders be your stop to put that Old Footwear Mystery to rest.

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