PVC vs Leather: Which is one gives better protection while riding?

AMERiders knows that there is a growing question of PVC vs Leather and which is one gives better protection while riding? We will try to help figure that out so that you can make an informed decision for your next gear purchase. We have already covered Leather vs Textile a few posts back so it is only right to extend on that with explaining what PVC is and comparing it to leather.

There is a huge difference in cost and the physical properties of genuine leather and faux leather. It is imperative to know what you are getting, and not getting. It is also important to know which will protect you better

What is PVC Leather exactly?
PVC vs Leather
PVC Motorcycle Saddlebag With Studs

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) leather is a type of faux leather that is made by covering a base of natural or synthetic material with vinyl, made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and plasticizers. It has no hair follicles (pores) which make it virtually waterproof, but may become unbreathable in hot temperatures. In some rain suit and waterproof garment descriptions, you will notice the acronym PVC. This is a rubberized coating that is laminated to the nylon to make it waterproof. There are many pieces of motorcycle gear made from PVC material not just apparel, saddlebags, tool bags, and other gear for the bike as well.


Leather in comparison to PVC
 PVC vs Leather
Armor adds and extra layer of protection

Leather, however, is more abrasion resistant than PVC, and resists tearing. Oe of the drawbacks to leather is that in order to provide proper abrasion protection, it can be heavy, especially if made from cowhide. Another drawback is wearing leather while riding in tropical or semi-tropical conditions is that it can become very hot, especially in urban traffic.

Alternatives to both Leather and PVC
 PVC vs Leather

An alternative to this would be a mesh or textile jacket that includes proper protective inserts or foam pads at the elbows, shoulders, and back. Most Mesh jackets also have the advantage of being light and washable. It is best to find a textile jacket that has a combination of many different types of textile. This helps to ensure that it gives overall protection not sure on what they are, check out our article here for some. A good example would be a jacket with an outer shell of at least 500-denier Cordura, with 20% or less polyurethane coating, a Gore-Tex or Aero-Tex membrane, a taffeta lining, and CE-approved armor, and a little PVC thrown in for waterproof.

Have we helped your understanding of PVC vs Leather?

Think you’ve made your choice on the debate of PVC vs Leather? You can find the reasonable prices and great styled jackets with us. Going with a textile combination? Check out our great selection of textile motorcycle jackets for men or women. Or have you Decided on classic leather? Shop the highest quality leather motorcycle jackets for men or women at the best prices on the web with AMERiders.

In the end, what matters is your comfort and protection, ensuring that you have both is important when you ride. We hope we have helped you to make your decision on the PVC vs Leather discussion.

And as always….

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 PVC vs Leather







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