Father’s Day Is Approaching, Give Dad Quality Motorcycle Gear This Year

AMERider’s knows that Father’s Day Is Approaching, So why not Give Dad Quality Motorcycle Gear This Year we know he will appreciate the love it shows. We also know that shopping for any dad can be difficult, even more so if your father is a die-hard rider his largest hobby is motorcycles. What’s more, is you really can’t afford you get him a new motorcycle. Fear not! We’ve created a few practical and affordable gift ideas for your biker enthusiast dad. This Father’s Day, show him some love and appreciation by giving him something he’ll use, without killing your allowance.

Help Dad keep in contact with you while you are riding together!

Quality Motorcycle Gear

Help dad Focus on the road and keep distractions minimal with our hands-free motorcycle communications devices. We feature safe and reliable communication options for bikers including Sena Bluetooth Headsets, motorcycle helmet intercoms, and more to help bikers stay in touch without compromising their safety. You can also find the Chatterbox XBI2H Plus that allows communications to up to 16 riders as well as Bluetooth pairing capabilities with cell phones, GPS systems, and mp3 players.

The Chatterbox Moderate range models are ideal for riders in small to medium size groups of up to 16 people. They feature CDMA technology for communication, which allows them to be much smaller in size. This technology allows full duplex (conference call type) conversations between a max of 16 riders (bike to bikes or rider to passenger) at up to 1/2 mile.The XBi2-H Plus features Bluetooth which allows you to pair with up to two accessory devices (cell phone, GPS, mp3/iPod) at the same time. Each model can also sync to one another for communication. The XBi2-H Plus is designed specifically for the HJC brand line of Bluetooth ready helmets. The XBi2-H Plus uses a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery capable of 8-10 hours of talk time with 20 hours standby. This is one piece of Quality Motorcycle Gear that dad will love.

Give dad some cool head-wear for Father’s Day!

Help Dad Make a bold statement and keep his dome warm on the open road with our large selection of motorcycle head-wear. Including stylish and functional options for every biker. Boasting designs that will show off his style and get him noticed in a crowd. Our balaclavas and motorcycle face masks for men and women are not only good for providing warmth in cold weather, they will also add a layer of unique style to his biker apparel. You can also find a selection of doo rags to keep his doo looking good and in place with a variety of colors and designs to appeal to his tastes. These are also Quality Motorcycle Gear that dad will love such as this

Our Flaming Crossbones Doo Rag Flydanna is a perfect accessory to keep your Doo intact. It sports a sweet skull and crossbones design in red, white, gray and black. It is a bandanna, cut into 6 panels and sewn into a head wrap, with a tail and ties at the nape of the neck.

Get dad Authentic Motorcycle Apparel for Stylish Protection

Set off on your next ride with dad with Quality Motorcycle Gear that offers him both protection and style. AMERiders carries premium motorcycle apparel for men, women, and kids to help protect from nasty spills and the outside elements. Our selection of motorcycle boots and biker jackets are essential for any rider to complete that classic biker look. We also carry rain suits to repel water and keep him dry, plus genuine leather motorcycle chaps to protect his legs from the hazards of the road. Don’t forget about our selection of top-rated biker gloves for every type of rider.

Beef Up Dad’s Look with our Large Selection of Motorcycle Jackets
Quality Motorcycle Gear

A biker’s jacket is important, whether it is to hold patches or for protection or both it is an important part of their gear and we at AMERiders are all about gear! Our large selection of Men’s Motorcycle Jackets come in all styles and sizes, and fabrics. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a Leather Cruiser or a Bomber Jackets we have a jacket to fit Dad’s taste and style. We even have jackets that come ready to wear with the Live To Ride® brand embroidered cloth patch already sewn in place.

We think Dad might like this cool Men’s Racer Jacket With Velcro and flames features z/o lining that runs through the sleeves, reflector on front and back, multi pockets outside, and pocket inside. The zippered and Velcro cuffs will keep your hands warm during the ride. Plus, if that isn’t enough for you there is a cool flame design on the back and running up the sleeves as well.

Help keep Dad Warm and Dry with our Selection of Quality Motorcycle Rain Gear
Quality Motorcycle Gear
1 Piece Rain Suit With Travel Pouch

No one likes to get caught in the rain, especially a biker Dad. Getting caught in the rain on a bike it hurts, Dad will tell you. Raindrops feel like little needles or pebbles hitting you in the face. We at AMERiders don’t like having to ride in the rain either but when we do we use premium Motorcycle Rain Gear  to help keep us dry and comfortable. We carry many styles and colors of Water Resistant Motorcycle Rain Gear from suits to boot covers as well. Each made of a durable material water resistant material, that will last for many rides to come. So regardless of whether it is a small shower or a torrential downpour, or even just something to keep Dad’s boots from getting muddy we have him covered.

Try this to keep dad warm 1 Piece Rain Suit With Travel Pouch is a high-quality piece of rain gear for any biker. From the second Dad opens the box, he will see that this is the top quality Rain Suit that you’ve wasted time searching for. It Features stylish Gatherings at the waist as well as being adjustable, a Velcro covering helps to protect the zipper from the elements. Other features also include a zip out lining, pocket on the leg and to keep you safe when riding there are reflectors on the front and back. One thing we also like about this is that it has a bright Orange stripes over it to help Dad be seen better.

And More…..

We hope that these items have helped you find something for your Biker dad, we have many more pieces of Quality Motorcycle Gear to chose from like helmets, luggage items, toolbags, and much more that dad can use for his bike when riding. Head on over to AMERiders and find something great dad will love.

~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Quality Motorcycle Gear







Father’s Day Is Approaching, Let AMERiders help you Give Dad Quality Motorcycle Gear This Year.

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