Some Really Good Reasons Motorcycle Riding Is Good for You

There are a million reasons not to ride. Here are some really good reasons motorcycle riding is good for you. Despite the joy that motorcycles offer, only a relatively small fraction of the population rides. While each rider is motivated by their own unique factors, there are a number of strong reasons why everyone should consider getting on two wheels. We have given you reasons before in other articles we here at AMERiders want to reiterate how much fun motorcycle riding can be.

Reasons Motorcycle Riding

A Lighter Footprint

Motorcycles have less of an impact on the world compared to cars. Not only do they cause markedly less wear and tear on the road, but they also give off fewer emissions, don’t contribute to congestion, help conserve fuel, free up more parking, and ultimately require less raw materials to be produced.

Reasons Motorcycle Riding

Fewer Wheels, Less Money

Motorcycles themselves are substantially cheaper than cars in pretty much every regard. The insurance, upkeep, fuel, you name it, and it’s all substantially cheaper in practically every measurable area. Even though your average motorcycle will still be the more economical option in contrast to a car, there exist a number of models that are known for being particularly awesome bang-for-your-buck bikes, like the Suzuki SV650 or Yamaha MT-07.  

Reasons Motorcycle Riding

Inject Some Excitement Into Your Routine

Unlike the four-wheeled vehicles, they share the roads with, motorcycles possess the unique ability to cram some excitement and adventure into your daily life/routine. Chances are you have to travel most days, so why not have fun while doing it. Riding can turn commuting from a necessary evil into the highlight of one’s day. 

Good Exercise

Though the motorcycle itself is doing the lion’s share of the work, piloting a motorcycle is a physically active endeavor and not a passive experience like driving a car. Zipping through traffic or cruising down the freeway isn’t very physically demanding, however the same can’t be said for canyon carving, or any other form of aggressive riding really. Flicking a bike from side to side while exhibiting proper body positioning requires a great deal of movement and can, in turn, be a great workout, which is just one of the Good Reasons Motorcycle Riding Is Good for You.

Beat Traffic

While not applicable everywhere, lane splitting and filtering are complete and total game-changers in major metropolitan areas, especially ones riddled with congestion. Motorcycles essentially give you a legal pass in many places to cut the proverbial traffic line and zip along to your destination, while passing countless drivers caught up in the daily gridlock. Once you try it, you’ll never go back.

The Community Rocks

While this one is a bit of a cliché, it’s still very true. The motorcycling community is packed with some really incredible people. Few other commonalities bring strangers from different walks of life together quite like riding. Each year there are countless stories about bikers and riders groups carrying out selfless acts to help those in need. Despite the general public’s rather stereotypical misperception, bikers really are some of the nicest people…and you don’t just meet them on Hondas.

Disconnecting From A Hyper-Connected World

In today’s day and age, far too many of us are permanently tethered to our smartphones. One study from 2017 found that the average person checks their phone around 80 times per day. While this is waning due to the increased presence of Bluetooth connectivity and comms systems and what not on motorcycles, riding still presents one of the rare opportunities to completely unplug from social media, mobile devices, or whatever other distractions or stresses that may be weighing on you. Riding allows you to Zen out, let go, and focus purely on the task at hand.

Reasons Motorcycle Riding

Learn More Mechanics

If you own a motorcycle for long enough, you’d have to make a conscious effort to actively avoid doing any maintenance or upkeep whatsoever in order to not learn a thing or two about how an engine operates. Even if it’s simply grasping the basics of an internal combustion engine cycle, most riders tend to be better versed in mechanics than your average car owner. The relationship between rider and bike is more intense than the ones between cars and their owners, so bikers tend to be more motivated to learn what makes the bike tick, and how to keep it ticking.

Reasons Motorcycle Riding

Supercar Experience At Kia Pricing

If you want to go out and purchase a car capable of doing anything close to 200mph, you should realistically expect to spend in the high five-figures, if not well into the six-figures. Experiencing the performance of a sub-3-second 0-60mph time is typically a sensation reserved for the wealthy, that is unless you’re on a motorcycle. See, for a couple grand (or less), anyone can hop on their local Craigslist, purchase an older used sportbike, and then be capable of besting more than 90 percent of the cars on the road. This is another great reason to opt for travel on two wheels.

Reasons Motorcycle Riding

The Gear

Motorcycle gear has come a long way from goggles and heavy leather gauntlets and waxed cotton riding coats. Whether its heads up displays and action cameras that enable you to record your rides in HD or the fully-armored and Kevlar lined jeans and flannels that look all GQ when off the bike, there’s just so much great gear out there today. Advancements in materials and construction techniques give us riders an enormous selection of gear ranging in type, style, price, etc. Whatever your style or taste, there’s probably a bunch of fantastic gear out there that’s right up your alley.

Reasons Motorcycle Riding

Best Time To Start

For years small-displacement entry-level options were few and far between. Novice riders had few choices, and the bikes that did exist weren’t particularly attractive or exciting. Today, though, you can find pretty much any style of scoot you want in a learner bike. “You can go out right now and buy a gorgeous stock entry-level bike” isn’t a statement that would have been true even half-a-decade-ago, adding to our list of Good Reasons Motorcycle Riding Is Good for You.

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