No Evil Screws in This Gorgeous Evil Looking Bike Called the Red Devil!

For an object to be called Devil, it has to be, in some way, particularly wicked. In the world of custom builds, no matter the number of wheels, that particularly wicked way could be translated into insane amounts of horsepower or torque, an aggressive body kit, an exhaust that screams Hell’s spells at you, something. AMERiders Thinks that this Red Devil is just gorgeous.

The Devil we have here has none of those. In fact, we’d dare say there’s not a single evil screw in this thing. The engine is mostly stock, the body kit not that edgy to be remembered as the shell of a bad boy, and even the stance is not necessarily aggressive, but more likely elegant.

It was probably the paint job (and amazing one, granted, “with an absolutely unique chrome effect”), that must have inspired the shop behind this creation to go for the Red Devil name for this conversion of a Harley-Davidson Breakout.

The shop in question is called Bundnerbike and is based in Germany. The Red Devil is a build in the style they’ve gotten us used to, although the choice of names is usually more on target than what we have here.

The Breakout was modified, we’re told, to be “long, lean, muscular and so up-to-date,” and to achieve this, the usual changes were made. The bike received a rear conversion to be able to accommodate a wider wheel and LED lights, and other changes were performed to fit the requirements of an air suspension system.

Visually, the two-wheeler received an in-house-made fuel tank, but also a suede saddle to support the rider. The only major change made to the powertrain is the fitting of a new, KessTech exhaust system to both help it breathes better, but also make it look more appealing.

The German customizer does not say how much money went into the creation of the Red Devil. 

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~




AMERiders loves that the Red Devil has not one Evil Screw on its gorgeous custom-built body.

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