It’s That Time of Year That You May Need to Replace Some Riding Gear!

Spring is rolling in and that means that it may be time to replace some riding gear. For us, at AMERiders it also means inventory as well, not just counting old but receiving new and exciting items in for you as well. When Spring rolls around it is time to check not only your bike and get it ready to ride for spring. But to do a check-up of your gear as well.

Start with your Head

When checking your gear out for Spring make sure to go from Head to Toe. Start with that Helmet make sure that if your (lid, brain bucket, or whatever you call your helmet) is older than 5 years, replacing it is something you might want to consider doing.

Most of the helmet manufacturers will tell you that glues, resins and other materials that are used in manufacturing a helmet can break down over time. Things like hair oils, body fluids, and cosmetics, as well as normal “wear and tear” can all be contributors to this breakdown. Plus, every five years there are great advances in materials, designs, production methods and the standards that go into making and manufacturing helmets.

Also, there is the if you drop it you need to replace it bit. You may have heard some of your brothers and sisters say….”I heard that if a helmet hits the ground, it should be replaced.” This old biker’s tale isn’t necessarily true, but it isn’t really false either and it can get expensive. If you dropped your helmet on the garage floor don’t break out your wallet yet. You don’t necessarily need to replace it. Look at the manufacturer’s specs. If it says to replace it, follow instructions.

However, a common practice with today’s helmet technology is that if it’s not visibly cracked after it’s been dropped, then you don’t need to replace it. The problem with that is that you can’t see what is on the inside. If you are worried take it to someone you can trust to have it checked. If your reliable someone says to replace it then there is your first cllue that you may be on the road to Replace Some Riding Gear this spring.

Next your Chest and Hands

A good Jacket is especially important you want it to fit a bit loose in caseyou want it to fit over heavierr clothes and there are many other things that go into choosing a jacket. Check out our Jacket post here for information on that.

Replace Some Riding Gear

The amount of protection a jacket will give you is also relevant to how well it stays put when coming in contact with a road surface. The best solution to this problem is to purchase a jacket with any type of adjust-ability in the waist area, like a belt or zippers, and if possible, “gaiters” on the sleeves — that allow you to tighten them against your arms.

Your hands are just as important as you are, you know this as of you don’t have your hands you can’t ride the bike. Gloves are so much more than “something bikers wear to look the part.” In spring, finding the right motorcycle gloves to start your season is important. The type of glove is important whether Summer or winter gloves will depend on how chilly your Spring actually is in your area of the world.

Replace Some Riding Gear

Your hands are delicate, and fragile even, and anyone that has either broken, burned or had something happen to a hand knows that not being able to use that hand until it heals really sucks. So ensuring that your hands are protected by a pair of leather gloves even fingerless ones (which some guys prefer) is important.

Gloves are very important, you can also think of it this way… Anyone that is military or that has a military background will know if you are injured in the leg, of course, you can’t stand but you can still shoot your weapon. Arms and hands that are injured can possibly impair you from firing said weapon, essentially becoming combat ineffective. read more here.


Replace Some Riding Gear

The battle lines are drawn. More often than not Americans will don chaps, however, European and Japanese motorcycle fans seem to wear full riding pants. Is that the only difference? If you throw your leg over a Triumph cafe bike, do you have to only wear leather riding pants? Or if you’re on a Road King, is your only option chaps?

Replace Some Riding Gear

No, course it isn’t it’s your bike it is your choice in what you wear on your legs. When Spring hits, it may be a bit chilly so you’ll naturally have gear. But as the weather warms, you might be inclined to shed the layers. There’s no law against not wearing chaps or pants, but keeping safety and of course comfort in mind. Chaps and riding pants are definitely a safety choice when it comes to riding.

Last but certainly not least

Replace Some Riding Gear

Boots! Your feet are what help you hold the bike up. They need to have good soles and great tread and needs to at least be waterproof as well as come up over your ankles in case the bike does go over they help to keep your ankles from being totally crushed.

The Bottom Line

As spring blossoms, your gear will help keep you warm and safe. Be sure to prepare for changing climates as well as finding your personal style. AMERiders has plenty of all of the above available for you here. Questions that you do need to ask yourself before you set out on your ride. Do your gloves need to be replaced? How is the tread on your boots? How old is your helmet and how many times has it been dropped? Think about these things and more before you set out on your ride. This is why we remind you to Replace Some Riding Gear.

OHHHH and ……..

In the next coming weeks we will be adding in our new stock of items for you so keep looking to the blog and front of the site to see what we have added. We’ll let you know what has been added and where and we are not going to spring it all on you at once. But give it to you in little pieces this year.

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~



Replace Some Riding Gear

Let AMERiders keep you up to date with information on new items incoming and a reminder of you might need to Replace Some Riding Gear.

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