Riding a snowmobile instead of the bike this winter? Check this out!

Winter will be fast approaching since fall has now arrived. Which means either winterizing your bike and/or grabbing winter gear. For those of you who will be winterizing your bike for storage, we will cover some tips for you in another post. For those of you Riding a snowmobile to have some fun instead of riding your bike through the freezing cold, we at AMERiders have plenty of gear for you and a tip on how to cook with your snowmobile. So don’t worry about cold sandwiches and energy bars while your out fire up a hot meal with these tips.

No stove in site, use your sled to cook your hot meal
Riding a snowmobile
Let your buddies have their cold food, crack open your warm meal.

After hours of riding in the cold, a frozen sandwich or energy bar just doesn’t hit the spot when you’re hungry. However, there is a solution to your hunger problems! When you’re calf deep or more in the snow in the backcountry with no stove in site. Your sled can now double as your stove. We even had our doubts about this type of cooking by thinking of cancer, exhaust fumes, partially cooked meat. Food can be cooked on your sled, and you won’t taste the exhaust fumes.

Snowmobile cooking has already been established as a great way to eat a hot meal without having to lug around a stove or build a campfire. Some smart person already figured this out for us a few years back, and we applaud him for it. No more waiting or attracting bears, just to fill your empty stomach, just ride, wait, and eat.

Really my snowmobile for a hearty warm meal?
Riding a snowmobile
Your snowmobile can provide a hearty warm meal.

When done right, you can make some pretty decent meals. Even when it’s done wrong, your food will still be warm. That is still by far much better than the frozen sandwich or that tasteless granola bar that you don’t really want to eat.

Creativity and patience can help you can turn that sweet sled into your own personal mobile kitchen. Let your buddies eat their frozen tasteless foods, while you crack open that engine and pull out a warm dish that’s been slow roasting, and reward yourself for your ingenuity.

What to cook and how to do it.
Riding a snowmobile
The Muffpot a great way to cook a warm meal.

First, you need to plan on a dish to cook and how long your ride may be. The Next thing you should decide on is how to prevent your food from being exposed to engine fumes. There are many solutions to this problem. Specially designed products such as the Muffpot are a great way to cook your food in an enclosed space that will keep your food from tasting like gasoline.

If you don’t have one of these items then wrapping your food securely in aluminum foil or placing your food in a sealed empty soup can to keep any fumes from reaching your food. Cooking hot dogs, burritos, scrambled eggs or beans are just a few items that can be cooked while riding a snowmobile. AMERiders has gathered some recipes for you, to help turn you into a chef for your buddies while riding a snowmobile through the snow.

List of dishes to cook while Riding a snowmobile: Not a complete list.
Riding a snowmobile
Hot dogs are a great warm dish.
1: The Dog:

The classic hot dog is a great warm dish. However, take that normal dog and pimp it out in various ways (onions, peppers, marinade). Cooking a hot dog in awesome chicken stock with some spices and vegetables will only make that dog taste better. This is great for short trips.

Riding a snowmobile
The bird is another great dish to cook.
2: The Bird:

If you’re going on a long ride, then take your favorite uncooked poultry, season it with your favorite herbs and spices. Wrap that baby up with aluminum foil, and place it near the muffler without clogging up the engine. To get an even cook, try throwing that bird in the Muffpot. Make sure you bring some wet-naps.

Riding a snowmobile
Little sliders make great food for a chilly day
3:The Burger:

Burgers are a staple American food served almost everywhere in the world, so why not in the back-country? Unless you’ve got a mini grill attached to your engine, making the perfect burger might not be so easy. Attach this special burger griller to your exhaust and cook the perfect patty every time… just make sure you bring all the fixings.

Riding a snowmobile
Cook a small pork roast and throw in some veggies
4: The Pig:

Cooking slow is basically the same thing as braising. If you’re a top chef at snowmobile cooking, try braising a pork tenderloin. Get the perfect sized tenderloin, marinate it in some barbecue sauce, wrap it up in foil and throw it near the muffler for a long ride. Careful on where you throw the pig, too close to the muffler and you might overcook one side.

Riding a snowmobile
Reheat any of your leftovers from previous meals
5: The Leftovers:

Someone already did all the hard work of cooking that delicious food; all you have to do is reheat it. The snowmobile method of cooking is a great way to reheat yesterday’s steak, burrito or anything else that might fit securely near the exhaust for quick trips. We think this is the best option to experiment with until you figure out how hot your sled runs and how fast the food cooks, before trying to cook with raw meat.

The long and short of it.

Let your creativity help you eat well while in the backcountry. It is easy to cook food with your sled with all that useful energy radiating from the muffler. With hot tasty food, you’ll be the envy of all your buddies. But don’t forget you need to ensure you’re wearing the proper gear while Riding a snowmobile as well. And we have Helmets, Gloves, and all-weather headwear that can help, as well as some great eyewear.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Riding a snowmobile







Let AMERiders help gear up, and cook great meals while Riding a snowmobile.

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