Tips for Riding With Your Dog on Your Motorcycle Safely

AMERiders wants to give you Tips for Riding With Your Dog on Your Motorcycle Safely if you decide to ride with your best buddy. We all love our dogs they are our best friends, our family, our furbabies, and we would love to take them everywhere and some of us do. What if you could take your buddy on a ride with you on your motorcycle? Some people actually do so, some dogs are made for it others are not, so before you say oh this is gonna be fun let’s do it, there are things you can do before you try to train your pet to do this.

Starting Tips

Starting to ride a motorcycle with your furry best friend can be a challenge if you have never actually done it before.Here are a few tips that will help you make things easier to start the process. First off know your dog if you don’t think that Rover would be able to do that then don’t try it. While there is a great appeal to riding with your pet safety for you and them should come first.

Start with the bike

DogDon’t have the bike running when you start, put them on the bike in whatever position you will have them in during riding. Gently lean the bike back and forth to get them used to the bike leaning and for them to have to learn to balance themselves. Remember this is a training experience if they do good reward them with a treat. If they seem like they want to jump off and run away they may not be ready to go out yet, do this routine several times until they seem like they don’t want to jump and run.

Once they seem like they are comfortable with them wobbling, then start the bike with them already in position this avoids you needing to get on the bike after putting them in position with it started. Plus it also gets them used to the bike sound. They will already be in an area they are comfortable with and lean the bike again gently back and forth a few times to get them used to this before rolling at all.

Beginning to Ride

DogRoll forward very slowly, a rolling motion will feel very different from rocking the bike back and forth. Use a speed that won’t injure your dog if it gets scared and tries to jump off. You can increase speed as you two become more comfortable together, eventually going out on normal rides at higher speeds. Some owner/dog riding duos ride n the highway, do hundreds of miles day. Like Adam and Scooter of Scootin America.


If you have a smaller dog, 17 pounds or lower, you may be lucky enough to have them fit neatly in your jacket. Some may feel incredibly comfortable and quickly adjust to getting settled in. Keeping your dog close to your body when they are that small is helpful for some reasons. It helps keep them calm, and you can feel all of his movements if they start to get squirmy about needing to go to the bathroom.

Motorcycle Backpack

Some use just a normal Sissy bar pack or Motorcycle backpack which we carry and have a great many to choose from.

There are tons products designed to keep pup secure on your motorcycle while also giving them a little space to tuck away if they need to get out of the wind, like Adam and Scooter use. Recently asked a police officer was asked what he thought about riding with a pet, and he said he thought it was great as long as “the load is secured,” and the animal isn’t at risk of flying off, which seems obvious.


Women’s Leather Jacket With Reflective Stripes

We here at AMERiders gear up from Jackets to boots and back again, before every ride and, as we love our pets, we want to keep them just as safe. Luckily there are a handful of products out there to keep your pup sitting pretty and safe on the ride.

Eye protection is an important part of the dog’s get-up. Leaning their faces into the wind, they catch a ton of dust and debris while riding, and covering up their peepers is a must. Doggles will stay on their head well and don’t move around in the wind while protecting their eyes.

Insulation is also a good idea especially if they are a dog that is riding in a carrier. Another idea for large dogs would be to attach a sidecar to your bike where the dog can ride more safely.

If you want to try to ride with your dog, it can be a lot of fun and a great activity for the two of you to do together, but there is a high risk and you should pay utmost attention to your dogs safety, making sure you’re both completely ready before attempting riding out on the road.

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