A Guide to Riding Stylish in Motorcycle Safety Gear

Is it possible to ride a motorcycle, in protective gear, while still looking stylish? AMERiders gives you a Guide to Riding Stylish in Motorcycle protective gear. You may think it isn’t possible, however, with a little simple guidance to quality, practicality, and crash-ability, you can too. We try to be as stylish as we can when we ride so hopefully our tricks can help you too.

The Premise

Riding Stylish
Men’s Black And Gray Mesh And Nylon Motorcycle Jacket

A fun banter between you and a pretty young girl in a bar ending with you saying “No way, my mom says they’re dangerous.” You respond. She may laugh you smile and there you go you might have a date. The biker thing can be a good look, provided you don’t let it turn into Cosplayer in search of a Con. Think Marlon Brando or James Dean, not Nicky Hayden or Jorge Lorenzo.

Don’t get us wrong, we are still head to toe in protective gear anytime we out doing something dangerous or even just commuting on the highway, but if you’re using motorcycles as transportation, there’s will be times. many times that you may need them to transport you somewhere full of people that don’t ride motorcycles, those who don’t think skin-tight leather onesies are a good look.

This is the guide for those times. When you’re not on the race track, jumping sandy gulches or battling SUVs full of texting teen moms. This is for when motorcycles are just an awesome way to get from point A to point B and back again.


Your Friends

You have a few allies in this war against ugly motorcycle gear. Accept their help. We aren’t talking about your beer buddies either.

Color, Shape, and Fit are key. Nothing says “biker” like black leather. Bikers can always pull off black leather it’s a given for a biker. Big shoulders, narrow waist. Those are the ideal proportions of a manly man. You get to wear shoulder armor. Get a jacket that fits you right and you’re going to make every other guy look like a pansy.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to end up all baggy with your motorcycle gear. Don’t let that happen. You’re better able to define proportions and body type (even beyond what you’re naturally working with) thanks to motorcycle gear. A jacket’s shoulders should fit closely to your body without being restrictive, the torso should follow the natural taper towards your waist and that waist should fit closely to your own. And, whether it’s jacket or pants or anything else, it should fit you without bunching or excess material or sagginess.

Oh and let’s not forget Height: Boots don’t just keep your feet and ankles safe, they add inches. Tall is a good look for us guys and tall guys can be Riding Stylish too.

The Styling

Biker jackets

are cut short, so they don’t bunch up when you sit down. But, when you stand up, they can sit above your belt buckle, revealing skin. A long T-shirt or hoodie worn underneath will fix this, covering that odd gap and visually lengthening your torso, making you look slimmer and taller. And, a hood flopping around behind the helmet may look odd on a bike, but it drastically softens the look of a leather jacket off the bike, helping it appear more casual while aiding fit. You can otherwise break up the visual blockiness of big items of gear and soften the whole thing with a hanky in a jeans pocket or even a scarf.

Riding Stylish
Men’s Leather Shirt For Summer Riding

If you really wanna look cool and think you can pull it off try our Men’s Leather Shirt it’s made of high-quality leather, features a classic slim collar, a front button snap closure as well as button snaps at cuffs for classic styling and functionality. It also features Multiple front pockets, 2 with snap closures, and 2 inside pockets with snap closures will give you enough room for keys, phone, wallet, gloves, hat, bandana or whatever else you need for your adventures.  We have others as well that you or even your lady might like a bit better.


Pants and chaps.
Riding Stylish
Textile Motorcycle Pants

The eternal conundrum. By opting to wear any sort of casual riding pant (denim, Kevlar, a mix, whatever) you absolutely are sacrificing safety in pursuit of comfort and your Riding Stylish conundrum as well. Regular denim, no matter how tough, will not protect you in a motorcycle crash.Having said that, there are some jeans that build back in a modicum of safety. Leather and textile  Pants can make you look cool as well. But then you run the risk of being in those skin tight pants however some ladies may like that look.

Wait … why give you everything in one sitting… we will give you more on Friday. We gotta leave you coming back for more. So we will finish up this little guide to Riding Stylish later this week and hope you like it.

~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Riding Stylish







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