Robert Pattison’s Batcycle the Batmobil Is as Dark as the Dark Knight.

The vehicles Batman has used in countless iterations and endless re-make movies have always been fascinating. From Batcycles to Batboats and Batcopters and everything in between, there’s almost not a single means of transportation that hasn’t been adapted for the Dark Night. However, the powerless superhero has mostly driven around in cars, so we’re all eagerly anticipating Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne hopping inside his Bat Mobile, and seeing his version of the Batcycle which they have named the Batmobil.

It’s black though because that’s how Batman rolls, and so is this here Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, converted by a Switzerland-based garage called Bundnerbike. Now, if tons of black paint, visual modifications, and some performance upgrades are enough for this thing to be nicknamed Batmobil (without an “e” at the end), it remains to be seen.

Sporting the solid disc wheels Fat Boys usually come with, only painted a deep black by the garage’s usual partner in paint, Carrosserie Ludwig, the build relies on a 300 mm wide tire conversion at the rear and a modified front end to look like it would fit just right in the Pattison Batman universe, as far as we can perceive it from the limited footage available.

Bundnerbike slapped its own bits of hardware onto the Batmobil, including the fuel tank and seat. It combined that with Harley’s original hardware, including the handlebars, grips, and footrest, to make the two-wheeler look properly balanced.

Mechanically, the Fat Boy retains its stock engine, only now it breaths through a Bundnerbike air filter at one end and a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system.

The price of the Batmobil was not disclosed, but for someone wanting to impersonate one of the richest people in the DC Universe, price is probably not an issue. 

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Robert Pattison’s Batcycle the Batmobil Is as Dark as the Dark Knight himself, AMERiders explains

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