Rod Squad Brings a True Leader of the Pack with their Alpha Dog Bike

Rod Squad is one of those many German motorcycle custom shops that like to spare no expense when it comes to reshaping Harley-Davidsons. Imaginative and talented like all others in their trade, the guys that make up this garage brag with having over 20 projects in their portfolio already, all unique machines with names to match their mean, new looks. However, Rod Squad does Bring a True Leader of the Pack with this Harley-Davidson Alpha Dog, AMERiders explains.

Not long ago, we’ve had our first look at their work with the Ragnarok, a V-Rod transformed into an extreme two-wheeler. The Alpha Dog, as the bike we have here is called, comes from the same, now-defunct American muscle bike family, and shows how the leader of a powerful pack of monsters like these should look like.

Wearing body armor in grey matt and rims in candy red with pearl effect, the bike is the perfect testimony that Americans sure know how to build them, and Germans how to covert them.

The motorcycle went through the usual transformation, including a front fork lowering process and the fitting of an Arnott air suspension that make it look closer to the ground than stock. It still holds the stock engine in the frame, modified only with the addition of a K&N air filter and a BSL exhaust system, a powerplant that spins custom wheels front and back. Both these pieces rest under carbon-clad, modified fenders.

Aside from K&N and BSL, a host of other suppliers had their say in how the build was completed. Kellermann is responsible for the turn signals, Thunderbike made the footrest, and Galfer the brake discs, among others contributing to making this build unique.

As we’re used to when it comes to German-made custom motorcycles, we are not being told how this thing cost to put together but it stands as proof, if more proof was needed, that Germans sure do know how to re-make them.

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Let AMERiders show you how Rod Squad Brings a True Leader of the Pack with their Alpha Dog Bike

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