Royal Enfield 120th Anniversary & the Beginning 12 Days Of Christmas ‘21

The 120 limited-edition 650 Twins reportedly sold out in less than two minutes in India and Christmas for 2021 is right around the corner and we here at AMERiders are excited. It’s Royal Enfield’s 120th anniversary, and the world’s oldest continually-operating motorcycle manufacturer continues to pull out all the stops in celebration. From limited-edition, hand-painted commemorative motorcycle helmets to the introduction of the SG650 Concept at EICMA 2021, there’s no doubt that Enfield’s been very busy behind the scenes. As always we begin our 12 days of Christmas with something unique lets start this year with unique bikes so here is the Royal Enfield 120th anniversary bike for our first one.

While the commemorative helmets (see video below) appear to only be available in the Indian market, though, Enfield thankfully made its special 120th Anniversary 650 Twins limited editions available for international fans. The deal was this: For each of four markets (India, Europe, Americas, Southeast Asia), Enfield would release exactly 120 of its 120th Anniversary 650 Twins. Just 60 limited-edition Continental GT 650s and 60 Interceptor 650s would be allotted to each market, for a total of 480 motorcycles worldwide. 

Royal Enfield 120th Anniversary Helmets

According to numerous Indian motorcycle media reports, all 120 of the special 120th Anniversary 650 Twins available for sale in India sold out in just two minutes. The bikes went on sale at 7 p.m. on December 7, 2021, and didn’t even make it 10 minutes past the hour before getting snapped up.

What about the other 360 anniversary Twins, you wonder? Those numbers don’t seem to be available just yet, but as and when we know more about the other markets, we’ll be sure to tell you. 

The special 120th Anniversary color scheme is all blacked out, including the exhaust. The extremely special badge design draws direct influence from Enfield’s original 1901 Certificate of Incorporation. Additional details include gold pinstriping, a completely new design for the saddle stitching and grips, and decals both inspired by history and texturized to give the appearance of gold leaf.  

Royal Enfield 120th Anniversary Bikes

Overall, it’s a good look for the Twins, and we’d be in the mood to celebrate 120 continuous years of making bikes too, if we were Enfield. Congratulations to all the people who’ve made it possible to get this far!

~And as always…

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Royal Enfield 120th Anniversary

Royal Enfield 120th Anniversary & the Beginning 12 Days Of Christmas ‘21 and AMERiders is excited.

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