Ensure That You Can See or Hear Properly While Riding Alone or Together This Summer

Sight & sound are important when riding which is why AMERiders wants to help Ensure That You Can See or Hear Properly While Riding This Summer. You may wonder how we are going to do that well it’s simple we stock a selection of Protective eyewear and Hands-free communication devices for Motorcyclists to help them stay safer when riding.

Seeing Clearly

Keeping your vision clear and free from hazardous debris while taking on the open road is very important. At AMERiders we outfit bikers with motorcycle eyewear that you will need to enhance your view of the road and protect your eyes from the elements. We feature a selection of top rated motorcycle goggles and sunglasses in different styles to accommodate every type of rider. Whether you’re a die-hard biker or a motocross enthusiast, get the right eyewear that gets the job done. Protective eyewear is the start to help you see or hear properly.

See or Hear Properly
Smoke Lenses South Dakota Biker Sunglasses

If Sunglasses are your thing then we have a large selection of the Best Motorcycle Glasses & Sunglasses available for you to choose from. Regardless of the type of lenses, you like to wear whether it be amber, smoke, or clear we have something to fit your needs. We even have glasses that are Anti-fog Clear and ANSI Z87 certified as well.

Such as this pair of Smoke Lenses South Dakota Biker Sunglasses that are great for keeping the sun, dust, and bugs out of your eyes. Not to mention they will give a boost to your biker image and they are oh so cool! These sunglasses also feature shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses that have 100% UV Protection, that are nestled in a small flexible polycarbonate frame to keep them light weight. For comfort they have rubber nose pads to prevent that irritating slippage, this is all tied together with a pretty shiny black finish on the frame.

See or Hear Properly
Goggles Set With Carrying Case Changeable Lens

However, if goggles are your choice instead then you will enjoy choosing from our collection of Motorcycle Goggles. From smoke to clear lenses as well as ATV sports goggles, we have the style to fit your needs. Like this amazing Goggles Set With Carrying Case Changeable Lens, you can experience the ultimate transformation with our goggles set that feature changeable lenses and has a carrying case specially made to fit the lenses and the goggles. You will look awesome in a different color any day of the week with this set.


See or Hear Properly

Focusing on the road and keeping distractions to a minimal is important and with a hands-free motorcycle communication device that can be done. We at AMERiders feature safe and reliable communication options for bikers including Sena Bluetooth Headsets, motorcycle helmet intercoms, and more to help bikers stay in touch without compromising their safety. You can also find the Chatterbox XBI2H Plus that allows communications to up to 16 riders as well as Bluetooth pairing capabilities with cell phones, GPS systems, and mp3 players.

You will find that our Chatterbox XBi2-H Plus communication devices are designed specifically for the HJC brand line of Bluetooth ready helmets. Such as this HJC SY-MAXIII MATTE BLACK FULL FACE MODULAR HELMET  HJC SY-Max III is made from a fiberglass shell with a polycarbonate chin bar, CAD technology was used in making this helmet as comfortable as possible to wear. A glasses grove has been added to reduce temporal pressure for glasses wearers also. This item will also help to see or hear properly also.

~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~







Let AMERiders help you see or hear properly with our selection of eyewear and communication devices.

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