Share the Road and Be Aware of Everyone and Everything!

Since May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month there is an appeal by several organizations including the AMA, to share the road with each other and to be extra aware of everyone and everything around them, and we at AMERiders want to encourage this as well. Making yourself more visible to other drivers is important so that they not only see you but notice you as well (and yes, these are two different things).

AMERiders wanted to put this blog post out not only to our brothers and sisters but to our friendly drivers that follow us as well. It is important for EVERYONE to look out for each other as what some drivers may not realize is what can be a small crash to them can be life threatening to a motorcyclist. It is very dangerous for a motorcyclist to not pay attention to their surroundings as oil, pedestrians, and even a stray animal can be fatal to them. So please pay careful attention when riding and driving and share the road.

share the road
Can you see the rider

During the winter months, drivers don’t see motorcycles as much as they do during spring and summer months, and without seeing us on a daily basis, it is easy for drivers to forget about those of us on two wheels motorized or not.

share the road
Watch your mirrors

It is important to check mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes and, especially, to watch for motorcyclists, bike riders, and even pedestrians. As they are not as easy to see as other larger vehicles are. As AMA president and CEO Rob Dingman, states “The warmer weather in May brings out the riders who have been unable to ride all winter, so it presents an excellent opportunity for us to educate the non-riding public about the safety issues that affect motorcyclists every time we roll out of our driveways or onto a trail.”   

share the road
Remember to Share the road

Drivers can avoid a crash with a motorcycle by and looking twice to spot motorcycles in traffic, and even more carefully at intersections, respecting a motorcyclists’ riding space by not following too closely, Which should not be done with any vehicle anyway. Not all bikers are bad drivers which some drivers have a preconceived notion about, we don’t all race and go in between traffic and weave around, in reality, a lot of us are safe motorcycle riders.

share the road
Share the road with everyone

Even though May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month it is important to share the road with everyone, and everything that does not have 4 or more wheels to it. It is crucial to pay attention to everything and everyone around us so as to ensure that there are no accidents or fatalities. So remember to share the road with everyone and everything that has less than 4 wheels, 2 or even 4 legs. We want everyone and everything to be safe.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

share the road






AMERiders encourages all riders and drivers to share the road and be aware!

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