Silent Motorcycles for Our Silent Professionals

America’s Special Operations Forces or the “Silent Professionals” as they have been nicknamed prepare battles behind and around the frontlines. They are known for executing complex, lightning-fast raids and silently penetrating remote areas which means they need to move extremely silently without loud noises giving them away, such as loud engines or machines. So when AMERiders found out about the Silent Motorcycles that are being built for our amazing Silent Professionals we were tickled pink as we support our troops and veterans in all they do.

The Silent Hawk is one of the Silent Motorcycles DARPA is looking at for our SpecOps Division
Logos Silent Hawk Hybrid Motorcycle

So what are our Special Forces looking for in a new cutting edge motorcycle?  One that is fast, stealthy and silent that will help to give our men and women in uniform an advantage behind the lines. In 2014 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon’s futuristic research wing launched a competition to design a special forces motorcycle. This year at the National Defense Industrial Association’s Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa, FL it came down to two bikes the Logos Silent Hawk [left] and the LSA Autonomy Nightmare [below].

This project will equip our US special forces with a hybrid, all-terrain bikes that don’t sound like a train bearing down on you at 100 miles an hour. The US pours a lot of money into military research, and DARPA uses those funds to provide superior technology like drones, advanced software, and these bikes to the military. These bikes feature cutting-edge hybrid multi-fuel engines that can burn a variety of combustibles fuels like JP-8, Jet A-1, gasoline, propane, etc.. “If it’s gasoline, tell it it’s gasoline, tell it it’s something else. It will figure it out,” said Alex Dzwill, and engineer with Logos. Could you run it on lipids, olive oil? “Theoretically, yeah,” said Dzwill.

The Autonomy Nightmare is one of the Silent Motorcycles DARPA is looking at for our SpecOps Division
LSA Autonomy Nightmare

The bikes don’t have to be quiet all the time so when they are running on fuel they will reach 80 decibels somewhere around the loudness of a vacuum cleaner and a garbage disposal, but when they run on the electric power they will run low as an office which is around 55 decibels. When they are silent they are stealthy allowing our Special Forces to travel virtually unheard provided there is any other ambient sound at all. While they won’t be riding into battle or doing spec ops missions on these silent motorcycles tomorrow, we here at AMERiders are sure that it will be sooner rather than later, and we are all for that.

We would also like to remind you that June 20, 2016 is National Ride to Work Day so hop on your bike and ride.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Silent Motorcycles







 AMERiders supports our troops as well as the idea of them having silent motorcycles.

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