The FiberBull Sportster 1200 Bobber in Chrome Black is a Beauty.

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A quick search in the lineup of motorcycles Harley-Davidson has for sale for the current model year will reveal a little over 25 bikes, both full-blown models and derivatives. Among them, is one of the freshest on the lot, the Sportster S. Many of the older Sportsters are still around, traveling the world’s roads in either stock or custom form. It’s to the latter category this Sportster 1200 belongs to. It’s a machine put together by the Spanish garage FiberBull, and follows the usual road this kind of two-wheelers take when entering shops: it goes for the bobber look.

The newcomer (the motorcycle was introduced in 2021) promises to become a heavy hitter for the Milwaukee company in the coming years, not in small part because of the new Revolution Max engine that sits inside its frame. In all, we’re talking about a machine meant, as Harley itself says, to “blow away the standards of today.”

Today’s iteration of the Sportster is not the first one of its kind, of course. The moniker was born in the bike maker’s stables all the way back in 1957 and has been around, on and off and in various forms, ever since.

And it gets there, thanks to the modifications made, to things like the matt black, handcrafted fiberglass body, custom suspension, and various adaptations made here and there.

Yet, probably on account of the difference between the low handlebar and high fuel tank, sitting high above the engine, the build, especially when looked at from the side, kind of looks out of place, weird even. But hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so who are we to judge.

As usual, The Spanish garage FiberBull does not say how much money went into modifying the Sportster, but if you’ve been following their work and enjoy it, you can always drop them a line. 

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