The Lector Wolf Is a Wild Softail & Possibly Has Saw Blades for Wheels

One can judge the power of a company by the number of words it forced into the modern-day vocabulary, and few such entities come close to ruling the dictionary as Harley-Davidson. Just think knucklehead, or shovelhead, or Softail, among others, and the image of the Milwaukee company instantly pops into one’s head. However, The Lector Wolf Is a Wild Harley-Davidson Softail and it Possibly Has Saw Blades for Wheels let us at AMERiders explain.

The Softail, coincidently not only a word Harley gave birth to but one that is also a registered trademark of the company. It is generally used to describe a two-wheeler that relies on hidden shocks or springs for the rear suspension, but more specifically an entire family of bikes born with the FXST in 1984.

Ever since its inception, the Softail range has become a favorite for the custom industry, which started messing around with these bikes and hasn’t stopped to this day. No one is counting, but it’s probably Softails and V-Rods that are the most sought-after platforms for custom work.

Today’s custom Softail treat is an FXSTC from 2010. It’s no longer called that but was baptized Lector Wolf by the shop behind it, Japanese Bad Land.

Striking like most other projects wearing this signature, the Lector Wolf stands out thanks to a series of elements, but the most impressive ones must be the Rick’s Motorcycles wheels. Called Lector, the 21-inch front and 17-inch rear circles of metal look like some mean circular saw blades ready to eat away at the asphalt.

The front wheel is tied to the frame by means of a girder-shaped fork made by Bad Land itself, which further contributes to the look of dangerous metal.

Hardware coming from other specialized shops has been slapped on the stock Softail to make it stand out even more. We get Performance Machine calipers, W&W Cycles headlight and grip, an LA Choppers handlebar, and Kellermann turn signals.

When assembled, the Lector was given a shiny black coating on the body parts, and an even shinier dress of chrome to really makes it a sight to remember. The only element that offsets the cold look is the orange lettering that spells Harley-Davidson on the fuel tank.

The price of the Lector Wolf has not been disclosed, but for reference, a stock FXSTC from 2010 sells on the pre-owned market for around $10,000.

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The Lector Wolf Is a Wild Harley Davidson Softail and it Possibly Has Saw Blades for Wheels AMERiders explains.

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