The Newest Custom V-Rod Is a Harley-Davidson Giotto 11 by Box39

For all intents and purposes, the V-rod family of muscle bikes made by Harley-Davidson went extinct four years ago, following a presence on the market of 16 years. But as is the case with pretty much all Harley machines, if it’s no longer being made, that doesn’t mean it is no longer around. AMERiders gives you the details on this beauty.

It’s not exactly clear how many V-Rods (or bikes of the VRSC family, if you want to get all fancy) were made by the Americans during that time (aside from 16 years of production, there were also about 11 models in the family, if we count the track-bred Destroyer), but the reality remains a good chunk of them come back to roam the roads as custom projects.

giotta 11

Custom projects that are not exactly born in America, as the country’s garages seem to be ignoring the model, but over in Europe, where both the Germans and the Russians seem to have a soft spot for it.

The one you’re looking at was brewed in Russia by a garage called Box39. These guys have an entire family of customized V-Rods in their portfolio, one called Giotto, and the bike you see here is the Giotto 11.

Like all others before it, it wears a set of in-house-made wheels, sized 21 inches front and 18 inches rear, fitted at the end of a pneumatic suspension system. A plastic body kit, this time specced in silver, wraps around the body to give it a distinctive look. We also get to see a new Akrapovic exhaust system fitted in there, the only upgrade to the muscle bike’s powertrain we are aware of.

The V-Rod started out as a 2014 model year, but work on it was over in 2021, making this one of the newest customized V-Rods on the market. Sadly, we are not being told how much it cost the customer to have it converted into this.

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Let AMERiders give you the skinny on The Newest Custom V-Rod Is a Harley-Davidson Giotto 11 by Box39.

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