The Triumph “Bullet” by Alo’s Cafe is a Tribute to Swiss Watchmakers

The aftermarket surgeons over at Alo’s Cafe go about their daily business in Massa, a small town located near Pisa, Italy. Not only does this firm specialize in retailing Triumph’s mechanical spartans, but it has also built many custom entities since birth. For a clear demonstration of the shop’s abilities, we’ll take a minute to examine a project commissioned by a Swiss watchmaking brand named Meccaniche Veloci. The “bullet” is a tribute to Swiss Watchmakers AMERiders explains.

At its core, the unique two-wheeled machine you see here is a Triumph Thruxton 1200 R. In stock guise, this bad boy is brought to life by a liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine packing four valves per cylinder and a gargantuan displacement of 1,200cc. At 6,750 rpm, the four-stroke predator produces 96 ponies, while a torque output of 83 pound-feet (112 Nm) is generated at 4,950 revs.

A six-speed transmission is tasked with channeling the engine’s oomph to the rear wheel via a chain final drive, allowing the Thruxton to achieve a healthy top speed of 135 mph (217 kph). When this vicious warrior landed on Alo’s doorstep, the team wasted no time working their magic to transform it into something truly sensational.

For starters, they went about fabricating a curvy exhaust system in-house. It wears a pair of top-shelf mufflers from Zard’s inventory, topped with unique alloy inserts on their tips. As soon as the new pipes were installed, the Italian craftsmen proceeded to invest over 100 hours into manufacturing a complete aluminum outfit, consisting of a retro-style half fairing, one-off side panels, and a tiny front fender.

Additionally, you will spot a flawless black leather saddle that looks absolutely bonkers. It is appropriately complemented by fresh leather grips on the creature’s handlebars. Last but not least, the beast has been dubbed “The Bullet,” and a brushed finish was chosen for its bespoke bodywork modules.

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Let AMERiders give you information on the Triumph “Bullet” by Alo’s Cafe as a Tribute to Swiss Watchmakers.

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