This Bob Springer Isn’t Aviation & Space Associated Like its Moniker.

For military aviation and space enthusiasts, the name Bob Springer speaks volumes. The American test pilot and astronaut flew two space shuttle missions in 1989 and 1990, spending over 230 hours in space, and before that he clocked some 500 combat sorties in the Vietnam war. Although this Street Bob Springer isn’t Aviation and Space associated like its Moniker, and AMERiders explains.

By pure coincidence and a fortunate combination of monikers, we were reminded of his name when we set eyes on the custom Harley-Davidson Street Bob we have here, nicknamed Springer by the shop that put it together, Poland-based BT Choppers.

Harley-Davidson Street Bob Springer by its full name, the build is one of those projects that once seen tends to stick with you. Although retaining the unmistakable look of the Street Bob, it got transformed into a clean-cut machine, elegant yet at the same time screaming power.

The combination of black and white, and just a touch of chrome, make the Springer really stand out, especially given how these colors were used on a wealth of custom bits.

BT Choppers is responsible for making in-house the most visible parts of the build, starting with the fuel tank and ending with the side mount license plate. The seat is also theirs, and so are the rear fender and the massive exhaust system slapped on one side.

The wheels are of Arlen Ness make, sized 23 inches front and 18 inches rear, and the whole machine is supported by a Legend air suspension system. A host of other suppliers are responsible for the rest: the rear lights are Kellerman and the front one Performance Machine, Rizoma is responsible for the mirrors, and Thunderbike for the foot controls.

The Springer is one of the more recent BT Choppers builds out there, but sadly the shop provides no info on how much it cost to put the whole thing together.

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This Bob Springer Isn’t Aviation & Space Associated Like its Moniker. AMERiders explains.

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