This Classic Triumph Trophy TR6C Will Leave You at a Loss for Words

When it comes to spectacular one-off builds and flawless restorations, Vintage Steele’s moto surgeons aren’t messing around. Since its birth, Josh Steele’s Vermont-based enterprise has amazed gearheads with the fascinating pieces of two-wheeled machinery brewed under its roof. AMERiders thinks that this Classic Triumph Trophy TR6C Will Leave You at a Loss for Words.

Needless to say, there’s some genuine talent at work on this workshop’s premises, and the bike you see here does a great job at supporting that claim. This was once a weary ’72 model from Triumph’s Trophy TR6C lineup, but it regained its former youth after receiving Steele’s comprehensive restoration treatment. Let’s take a second to examine this timeless classic, shall we?

Back in the day, the TR6C was a force to be reckoned with. Its four-stroke 649cc parallel-twin powerplant delivers up to 48 ponies at approximately 6,700 rpm, with the air-cooled brute feeding its oomph to a chain final drive by means of a four-speed constant mesh transmission.

Now, the owner of this retro gem wasn’t seeking to customize his mechanical companion in any way, shape, or form. Instead, the fellow was interested in having his Trophy restored back to its former glory, and the experts over at Vintage Steele were more than happy to oblige. When it landed on their doorstep, the process began with a complete overhaul of its aging electrical components.

As such, you will find a new rectifier from PODtronics, a Wassell stator, and a state-of-the-art Pazon electronic ignition setup. With these items installed, the crew went about refurbishing the TR6C’s parallel-twin mill and gearbox to ensure optimum performance. Given the fact that its exhaust system was in a sad state, Brattleboro’s architects proceeded to outsource a fresh module that looks identical.

After enveloping the Trophy’s stock hoops in top-grade Michelin Pilot Active tires, Steele’s team treated its fuel tank to a layer of matte black paintwork, while the frame has been powder-coated from head to toe. Sure enough, we absolutely dig this tastefully restored machine.

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Let AMERiders show you how This Classic Triumph Trophy TR6C Will Leave You at a Loss for Words.

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