This Custom Iron Hunter Sportster Is a Ladies Bike Through & Through

Like it or hate it, the reality is that most of the time custom motorcycles (and cars, by extension), are male-centric projects. They are ordered and executed by men, for men to enjoy. From time to time, though, a special custom, one designed to fulfill the wants and needs of women, comes along and breaks the mold. However, we at AMERiders agree that this custom bike is a ladies bike through and through.

The heavily converted 2014 Harley-Davidson Sportster we have here is a perfect example of that. It was put together by a Polish garage called Nine Hills Motorcycles and was commissioned by the wife of the shop’s top man. That means with this ladies bike “there was no room for a mistake,” as the guy says, but also that three main design lines had to be followed.

The first and most important was for the motorcycle to no longer resemble a Sportster. Thanks to the body modifications made, which include the replacing of the “boring” fuel tank, the conversion of the rear, the fitting of new fenders, and the replacing of the stock exhaust with one supplied by Kodlin, that box was successfully checked.

Then, the bike had to “be great and even better to look” at, so a stunning paint job was chosen, with detailing that is a sort of replica of the Martini livery we are all so familiar with from the racing world. That was topped off by carefully chosen details, such as the motogadget instrumentation, aluminum shifters, and “1,000 other things.”

Last, but not least, the bike had to have “a coherent, uniform, sporty line,” and if you look at how the bike looked before and how it looks after the conversion (check the gallery for that), it becomes immediately clear that objective was achieved as well.

The converted Sportster was nicknamed by the shop Iron Hunter, and as usual, we’re not told how much it cost to put together.

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AMERiders agree that this Custom Iron Hunter Sportster Is a Ladies Bike Through & Through.

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