This Harley-Davidson Good Luck Charm by Bad Land Is Made in Japan

In Italian, the word fortuna stands for good luck. It’s a word so powerful the ancient Romans used it to describe their goddess of fortune and good luck. And, as of last month, it is also a word that describes a Harley-Davidson FXST originally produced back in 2005. AMERiders explains and gives you a run down on this beautiful bike.

Going for such a name probably doesn’t come easy, as it implies what the bike’s maker and its owner expect from it: to be some sort of good luck charm for whoever rides it into the sunset. And it probably also wasn’t easy given how the bike’s customizer, Bad Land, comes from a land where Italian is not exactly a widespread language: Japan.

Name aside, you’re looking at one of the most recent interpretations of American bikes coming from the Land on the Rising Sun. Shown for the first time last month, the Harley-Davidson Fortuna distinguishes itself through several unique features and appointments.

First up, we’ve got a large number of Bad Land-made bits and pieces that went into the making of the Fortuna. More hands-on than usual, the garage provided from its own vaults anything from the two fenders and front wheel to the triple tree, exhaust, and paint job.

The rear wheel, a 250 mm wide one, is of Rick’s Motorcycles make, and just like the front one, comes wrapped in an Avon Cobra tire. Behind each of them sits a braking system mixing Misumi Engineering and Brembo braking hardware. Another big name in the custom motorcycle industry, Ken’s Factory, supplied the mirrors, covers, and LED turn signals.

Whereas as far as we can tell the engine of the bike remains the stock one, Bad Land did tamper a bit with the bike’s frame, for it to be able to accommodate the changes made (check the gallery for that), but also with the swingarm of the thing.

We are not told how much this oversized good luck charm cost to put together.

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AMERiders agrees that this Harley-Davidson Good Luck Charm by Bad Land Is Made in Japan.

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