This Killer Bagger Mutant Road Glide by Tommy and Sons Is Awesome

We’re used to seeing incredible custom motorcycle projects here on AMERiders, but most of the time we get visually enhanced wonders that are not really suitable for daily use or long rides down the road. This Killer Bagger mutated 2017 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra we have here is an exception.

It’s a build handled by the Lithuanians Tommy and Sons, one we nicknamed Killer Bagger because that’s what the shop says it was going for, a visually impressive machine, “suited for traveling as well.”

A quick glance at the bike reveals a longer and somewhat lower two-wheeler than the stock Road Glide. That impression is owed to the body kit that wraps around the body, but also to some mechanical modifications made.

Upfront, the bike sits on a custom, 21-inch wheel fitted at the end of a triple tree with an additional rake. It sports new brake calipers, and a custom fender to protect bits of it from the elements.

At the opposite end, the rear wheel is barely visible under the massive bits of the body kit the shop calls Magnus. The bike was extended 7 inches (18 cm) compared with its factory form, and that required the extension of the exhaust system as well.

In between the two wheels, the body kit, painted mostly white but sporting touches of black, manifests itself in the form of a custom radiator cover, tank shrouds, gas tank console, and side covers. We also get LED lights up front, and a custom seat capable of holding two further back.

As said, the Killer Bagger was made to be ridden rather than admired, and that means some comfort features had to be built-in. Those features include heated grips, a Sony display system, and six Polk Marine speakers backed by a Mosconi Pico amplifier.

The cost of the entire build is not known, but Tommy and Sons do list some of the parts used, and their value amounts to 3,800 euros, which is about $4,800 at today’s exchange rates.

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