This Lotus Flower Isn’t What You’d Expect It to Be, It’s Still Sacred-Looking

In two of the world’s most important religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, the lotus flower, or nelumbo Nucifera by its scientific name, is one of the most important symbols. It stands for the path toward spiritual awakening and enlightenment, whereas for the ancient Egyptians, who also cherished it, it was the symbol of the path to be taken to rebirth after death. This Lotus isn’t what you’d expect it to be, but it is still sacred-looking AMERiders explains.

For a Japanese motorcycle shop that goes by the name Bad Land, the term stands for one insane custom build based on a 2010 Dyna. That would be an example of a family born in the 1990s as a new platform for the Evolution engine, one that has been around until recent times, being discontinued in 2018.

Unlike the flower, it has nothing enlightening about it but still looks sacred in the shades of black that usually dress the contraptions made by this garage.

As usual, we’re faced with a collection of custom parts supplied by a number of big names in the industry, beautifully knitted together by Bad Land’s talented hands. The Japanese themselves contributed tons of bits and pieces, from the wheels to exhaust, but Arlen Ness (mirrors and grips) or mortgaged (speedometer) are featured as well.

The bike retains the stock engine of the Dyna, on top of which a Bad Land-made exhaust and Arlen Ness air cleaner were slapped. The engine spins in-house brewed wheels, sized 21 inches front and 18 inches rear, housed under equally original fenders.

The large fuel tank on which the words Holly Lotus are painted in white is also of Bad Land make, a one-off piece, we’re told.

What we’re not being told is the price of the build, but that’s how this shop usually rolls when it comes to letting people know about costs, so no surprise about that.

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AMERiders explains how this Lotus Flower Isn’t What You’d Expect It to Be, but It’s Still Sacred-Looking.

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