This Muscle-Packed Ultra Limited Is the Harley-Davidson Deltoid by Tommy and Sons

Described by Harley-Davidson as “premium touring performance with zero compromises to the ride,” the Ultra Limited is for certain one hell of a machine. And it ought to be, given how one costs a great deal more than some cars out there, starting at $28,699. However, This Muscle-Packed Ultra Limited Is the Harley-Davidson Deltoid by Tommy and Sons.

For all its merits though, and probably on account of its price, this type of American two-wheeler doesn’t pop out all that much on the custom scene as a modified project. This means that every time it does, it’s bound to catch our eye, especially if it looks like the one we have here.

Enter the Deltoid, an Ultra Limited born in 2019 and modified by a Lithuanian shop called Tommy and Sons. The name of the build says it all, as the thing looks like the beefed-up triangular shoulder muscle people like to exercise so much during gym sessions.

Responsible for the impression is the body kit deployed on it, especially at the rear, where the bagger really shows off its uniqueness. The added bodywork is called in Tommy and Sons speak Billow and includes modifications that stretch the Ultra Limited 10 inches (25 cm) further than stock.

Moving toward the front, we get modified side covers and fuel tank shroud, and we were stopped in our tracks by the vista of the massive, 21-inch wheel fitted upfront. Both that one and the wheel at the rear are backed by an air suspension system.

Given how one can easily consider this bike model somewhat of a luxury machine, special touches of comfort have been fitted all around. We get a custom heated seat, heated grips, and eight speakers with an amplifier system, among others.

The output of the engine was modified as well, although we’re not being told by how much. We do know there are two new elements in there though, namely the S&S cam kit and the Rinehart exhaust to beef the thing up a bit.

According to Tommy and Sons, it took 650 hours to put this thing together, and the cost of the in-house made parts alone reached 4,000 euros, which is about $4,500 at today’s exchange rates.

What came out at the end of the customization process is, according to the European shop, a build that is “comfortable for very long rides and [can] snap the necks when parked on the sideway.”

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This Muscle-Packed Ultra Limited Is the Harley-Davidson Deltoid by Tommy and Sons AMERiders explains.

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