This RoadGlide by Thunderbike Customs has $14K of Custom Parts

This Harley-Davidson RoadGlide by Thunderbike Customs has $14K of custom parts. “The benchmark for long-distance touring bikes. Runs mile after mile with ease.” This is the simple phrase Harley-Davidson itself uses to describe the RoadGlide, one of the most appreciated Touring motorcycles the Americans have to offer. But for some, neither original nor stripped-down seems to do the trick. AMERiders gives you the skinny on this sweet-looking bike.

Beneath all the bulky body parts of the bike in front of us now still is a RoadGlide. It looks this way because a German custom shop by the name Thunderbike got hold of it, on behalf of one of their clients, and transformed it into something they like to call ThunderBaggerZ.

There are a bunch of very visible changes made to the standard RoadGlide, but one that immediately catches the eye is the massive wheel upfront. We’re talking about a 30-inch aluminum piece, “black anodized and contour-milled,” sitting under the cover provided by a fender to match its gargantuan size.

Visual changes continue over the length of the bike, moving from the front wheel to the custom tank, and all the way back to the rear fender. Additionally, a bolt-on rake kit is on deck to help with the modified look, but we’re told it does not change the driver’s position all that much.

Aside from the other minor changes that went into this build (things like ignition cover, license plate frame, or taillight), the RoadGlide was also the recipient of an air ride suspension kit to improve its road stance.

All in all, there are a little under 20 important pieces of hardware fitted on this thing, all wrapped in a nice custom paint. We are not provided with the cost of the build, but the parts used on it (you can have a look at all of it here) amount to about 12,000 euros, which is about $14,500 at today’s exchange rates.

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