Thunderbike Adds the Simple Three to Its FXDR-Based Custom Builds

The Silver Rocket, The One 17, or The Black Rebel. These are just a few of the Harley-Davidson FXDR-based custom builds that came out the doors of a German garage by the name Thunderbike in recent years. And they all have something in common: they are heavily modified custom bikes meant to fulfill whatever dream their owners wanted to be fulfilled. The Simple Three is one of their latest ones. AMERiders has the story…

But there are simpler, easier ways to get there – and obviously a lot cheaper. And the FXDR in the gallery above is the perfect example of that.

It’s called Simple Three, and has been designed by Thunderbike as usual, at the request of a customer. Only this time they went for very few modifications, and even if the end result is not as extreme as say the Roar, the custom look feel is definitely there.

So, what do we have? First off, there’s the lower and wider stance owed to the lowering kit, one that brings the whole build some 45 mm closer to the ground on the massive wheels.

“Especially noticeable is the rear,” says Thunderbike. “With the 260er tire instead of the original 240er we have gone a little bit more into the width. A lowering kit provides the deep seat, with 45 mm the maximum possible to get the tail down without using another fender.”

Then, we have all those minor elements that can easily be overlooked: the turn signals, airbox cover, side-mounted license plate, belt guard, and taillight. Last, but not least, there’s the Dr.Jekill & Mr.Hyde exhaust system in V-Strike guise.

The Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine is pretty much left unchanged, and the entire build was wrapped in the simplest of colors, for effect: black.

All in all, not including the bike itself and the exhaust system, the entire build cost just around 1,500 euros ($1,800) to make. That’s almost half the price of the parts that go into the builds the Germans usually make, and the resulting product unique enough to satisfy the owner’s desire to stand out from the crowd.

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