Thunderbike Customs H-D Blood Line Is One Fast Motorcycle

While just looking at it might not have that effect, getting on the back of this custom Harley-Davidson Breakout is sure to make your heart beat twice as fast. At least that’s what its makers, the Germans from Thunderbike, promise with their H-D Blood Line.

The bike is the most recent addition to the very extensive lineup of projects the shop has been responsible for over the past 30 years or so. It follows the design lines we’re used to by now, and mixes them with a one-off paint job, pairing black with red mica and other red accents elsewhere.

Thunderbike lists as having used on this two-wheeler no less than 31 different custom or aftermarket parts, ranging from brake discs to a solo leather seat. The most visible ones are, of course, also the most expensive.

We’ve got an aluminum fuel tank (priced at 1,521 euros/$1,544), an air ride setup (the same price as the fuel tank), and a special Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system (price not disclosed). The rear was modified to be able to support a custom, 260 mm wide rear wheel that pushed the license plate holder to one side. The front wheel is the stock one, only it comes custom coated.

Cruisetec tires supplied by Metzeler put the stock and unmodified engine’s power to the ground, and various covers have been placed in pretty much all places covers are due.

As usual, when it comes to Thunderbike builds, this one too came to be at the request of the customer. We’re not told exactly how much they had to pay for a bike that from now on is to be known as the Blood Line, but we do know the 31 added parts alone amount to a staggering 11,400 euros, which is roughly $11,500 in American currency.

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We at AMERiders agree that Thunderbike Customs H-D Blood Line Is One Fast Motorcycle.

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