Thunderbike Customs Is at It Again With Harley-Davidson Jever

Thunderbike Customs is at it again with their dark green Harley-Davidson Jever. We have talked about Thunderbike Customs before when we wrote about their Country Cruiser and their Mini Sidekick that matched a Lamborghini Aventador. Now they have a new one they call the Jever AMERiders gives you the ins and outs of this beauty.

At Harley-Davidson, there is one line of bikes that seems to be above all others, at least in terms of appeal. It’s called the Softail and presently includes no less than 12 different models, starting with the Standard and ending with the Heritage Classic.

Somewhere in between, there’s something called Breakout. Introduced in the family in 2013, it has become one of the most desirable Softails out there, both as it’s made by the Milwaukee bike maker, but also in the customized form of countless garages around the world.

The German custom bike garage Thunderbike is particularly fond of the Breakout. They are responsible for perhaps the largest number of customized Harleys in Europe (they’ve been at it for a couple of decades), over 40 of them based on the Breakout.

The bike we have in the gallery above is also a Breakout, from the 2016 model year, and one the shop christened Jever. Just like its siblings, it packs the usual complement of custom Thunderbike parts designed to make it particularly bulky, and several layers of green paint that make it look particularly hulkish.

There are around 15 different custom things that have been added to the bike, including a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust and air filters that required some other modifications to be made to the engine for “better sound in addition to power.” We could not find out how the performance numbers of the bike changed.

Combined, the custom wheels, fuel tank, fenders, and all the other smaller parts cost close to €6,000 ($6,700 – and almost all of them can be found in the Thunderbike shop to purchase individually), so this is not exactly a cheap conversion – keep in mind the price does not include the bike itself, the work is done on the bike, and the exhaust system.

Here is a video of the how the bike was made and the 1st ride taken on the bike.

COVID-19 UPDATE: The 2020 Americade Rally Is Canceled

One of the largest motorcycle rallies in the eastern U.S. has been canceled. Because of COVID-19, Americade’s organizers say the 2020 rally is not just postponed—it’s not going to happen, period.

With a focus on motorcycle touring and travel, Americade is kind of an opener to the spring/summer motorcycle rally season for many riders in the U.S. The OEMs often use Americade to host demo rides, showing off new models. Americade doesn’t have the outlaw image that some other U.S. rallies have. It’s not as high-profile as Daytona Bike Week or the Sturgis Rally, but the clientele isn’t exactly the same either. It’s mostly about Gold Wings, not choppers.

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