Thunderbike Does Beauty Yet Again With the Kreuzfeuer and Mirage Bikes

Thunderbike loves to show us some beautiful bikes when they build their customs, and their Kreuzfeuer and Mirage Bikes are no exceptions. Both come from Dragster frames but after that, they go their separate ways. AMERiders goes over the differences.

The Mirage


Thunderbike built the Mirage back in 2008, and is one of their earliest, in-house brewed designs.

The Dragster frame we mentioned is still available in the shop’s portfolio as one of the about 15 in existence. At close to 9,000 euros (about $10,000), it is also among the cheapest. Even so, it comes with struts, fuel, and oil tanks, a CNC-machined swingarm, rear fender, rear-wheel axle, bracket for the engine, bracket for battery, and seat plate.

The frame houses a Screamin’ Eagle 103ci linked to a Harley-sourced 5-speed transmission. Pretty much everything else is custom: Thunderbike supplied its own functional parts (exhaust, brakes, rims – 18 inches at both ends) but also visual and comfort ones (handlebar, footpegs, fenders, and so on).

Wrapped in a black paint wearing the signature of the shop’s usual partner in this field, Kruse Design, the Mirage looks a lot simpler than some other Thunderbike builds, but it is in this simplicity that hides its allure.

As usual, this one was made for paying customers, but we do not how much the thing cost to put together.

The Kreuzfeuer


Kreuzfeuer (which is German for Crossfire) was built by one of the most active custom motorcycle garages in Europe, Thunderbike. It was completed so long ago that we don’t really know where it is at the moment, or whether someone is still using it as a daily ride. But it remains stunning nonetheless.

Just like a great deal of other two-wheelers made by Thunderbike, this too blends the lines of a custom (albeit mass-produced) frame called Dragster with the power of a proven Harley-Davidson engine, Thunderbike styling, and a crazy Kruse Design paint job to come result in a truly unique build.

The frame, one of the about 15 available in the garage’s portfolio at the moment, is equipped from the get-go with fuel and oil tanks, CNC machined aluminum swingarm, rear fender, rear-wheel axle, bracket for the engine, bracket for battery, and seat plate.

Inside it rests a Harley-Davidson Twin-Cam engine, 1,550cc in displacement and good for 88 ps. It is equipped with a Harley 5-speed gearbox and a Mikuni carburetor.

The entire finished assembly rides on equally sized (diameter) custom wheels front and rear, and a red-orange-black paint job adorns most of the body of the machine.

As usual we do not know how much the Kreuzfeuer cost to build, but the present prices for the parts used for it point to it being worth well over 20,000 euros (24,000 USD).

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